By: Gobir Habeeb Bolaji

After a fiercely contested football battle, the class of 300level law students has defeated the class of 400 level  law students in the just concluded Faculty of Law Dean’s football  competition which was  held at University  main stadium

The Dean’s cup competition is an annual football competition, organized by the law students society, Udus. The competition was divided into four stages which comprises the group stage, the quarter final, semi final and, the final stage. The 300level law students however emerged victorious after defeating the 400level law students with  five goals(5) to two(2) during the final round of the tournament.

The competition ended with the organizer honouring some outstanding players amongst the students and the issuance  of certificate of participation to players. The likes of Aminu Abdullah and Mikail Abubakar among others were honoured with a bronze medal for their outstanding performance during the competition.

Similarly, the Association of Sokoto State Law Students’ Association(SOLSA)  honoured the Directed of sport of the law students society(LSS), in person of Ibrahim Jaji Ayuba with an award of merit and excellence.The award was presented to him by the president of SOLSA,in person of Salmanu Abubakar Jabo;for his fairness and dedication through out the competition.

Speaking with the president of the law students society, Udus Gazali Yakubu, he explained  that the competition was organized in other to foster unity and imbued the student with a sense of belonging. He said.

” The essence of the competition is to ensure unity within the faculty and to encouraged the students to partake in sport activities within the faculty “

When being asked about the way and manner the competition was organized, he expressed his satisfaction and contentment with the way the competition was organized.

In an interview session with our reporter, he lamented on some minor challenges that the organizer encountered  as regard to the issue of fixing and maintaining date and time fixed for each matches.
He however concluded with a word of praise for the job well done by the organizer.

Gobir Habeeb Bolaji is a 300 level law students,freelance writer,and a campus journalist writing for pen press Udus.


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