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In her bid to test and measure the competency of the candidates vying for the post of president, the National Association of Campus Journalists (NACJ) in collaboration with Zero Tolerance For Corruption is set to organize an exclusive Presidential debate for the contenders vying for the post of Students’ Union President in the forthcoming Students’ Union Election

The debate is slated to hold tonight at IBB centre and the contenders will face the elite students to answer various questions concerning their aspiring offices

Muneer Yaqub,President NACJ, while speaking with PENPRESS, gave more insight about the event and how it would unfold.

He explained that the aim of the debate is to create an intellectual avenue to test the competency of the contenders, he said:

“Unlike the conventional debate that happens in other schools which deal more on manifestations and rented crowds, this debate would be intellectually based for the candidates and would be strictly based on invitation. We will be probing the candidates and we are to going to test their intellectual capacity”

When asked about the benefits that the debate would grant to the entire school community, he said:” We want the electorate to decide who would be their SU president based on how intellectually sound they are and their vision for the school.”
Muneer also noted that when the right person is elected the student would benefit.

Speaking further he disclosed that the debate would feature questions that actually influence voters perception of each candidate but the program is not an open program.

“We don’t want rented crowds. We don’t people who will only come to chant ‘sai baba!’ We want people who will ask questions and get to know what the contestants have on the table. However we would carry the University students along through the social media,” he promised.

Also Muneer Yaqub made it clear that about five intellectual based clubs would be invited. The clubs include the JCI, Rotaract, Poetry club, Aids club and the various Campus Journalists board.

“We are also going to be inviting the supporters of the candidates. The electoral committee and some staff advisers are also going to be in attendance,” he stated.

He concluded by saying that two days Twitter poll would be conducted to allow danfodites express their views about the election.The poll will kick-off of the 29th and would end on the 30th of April.

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