The GST exam officer, Dr. Usman Tsagem had on Saturday, the 20th of April, 2019 called out negligence in the part of students as one of the major reasons behind the recent poor results in GST exams.

The exam officer made the disclosure while responding to an inquiry made by the students on why the division has more failures than passes.

“Many of our students do not read their GST materials. They don’t take the courses seriously as they do their departmental courses. They have this wrong notion that GSTs are simple and so shouldn’t be paid much attention, but then they forget anything viewed simple becomes what entraps you in the future. How do you intend to pass when you don’t read?” He explained.

Unsatisfied by his reply, Mr. Ismail Abdulhakeem the 200l FAIS class representative further asked if the same can be said for the 400l MELL Students that were all graded an ‘F’ in GST 312, questioning the possibility of the whole students failing the course as a result of unseriousness.

“But Sir, what about the now 400l students of MELL that were graded an F in GST 312? How is it possible that the entire department will choose to be unserious?” He asked.

His question was met with a show of support from his coursemates as they all clamored, “Yes!”

In a demeanor that contrasted the expected uneasiness, Dr. Usman explained that students have simply given ear to cries of their fellow students refusing to understand from the division’s perspective.

“You’ve chosen to listen only to your fellow students, without considering the position of the division in this issue.”

He further questioned the class if any of the GST exams were taken in the division, and when ICT centres around the University was responded as the venues for the several exams, he posited that the problem lies with these centres, for they assessed the results and handed it over to them.

“Of course, it is impossible for all the students to fail a course. Believe me, when we saw the score sheet, we were surprised. We contacted the centres for they assessed the results and ever since, we’ve been working on it.” He explained.

He went on to say that even among the students, are some whose cases are entirely different from the rest. Amongst them, he explained lie a significant number that either didn’t register the course, or absented themselves from the CA.

“Your seniors told you what they wanted you to believe. Since this issue, we’ve discovered that a significant number of these students affected either didn’t take the CA or register the course at all. If you didn’t take the CA, what are you complaining of? It is there in the students’ handbook.” Dr. Usman relayed.

Abdulrahman Yahaya, a 400l student of English Language, MELL who is still distraught by the result narrated to PEN PRESS UDUS his shock when he initially opened his student account and found an ‘F’ attached to the GST course. He further relayed that if indeed the claim is that those affected didn’t register the course or took the CA, he did both.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes and kept doubting that the result displayed was mine. I checked and rechecked, but the F remained. I attended my GST classes, registered the course and took the CA. Now, re-registering a 300l course again? I hope something is done quickly about this, if not it may warrant some of my colleagues spilling, because they already have other carryovers.” Abdulrahman shared.

The GST exam officer however has asked that patience be exercised, so long such person’s case is genuine, because the division and management are working on it.

“But then, you must be patient, we’re working on it. If your case is genuine, then be patient.”

He concluded on an advisory note to the current 200l students of FAIS, advising them to treat their GST courses with the same regard as their departmental courses to avoid unwanted failures.

“I want you all to start taking GSTs seriously. Attend lectures, purchase the materials provided for you, read them as you do your departmental courses, so you don’t queue up tomorrow in my office and demand for an explanation for your failure.”

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