By: Olaoye Abdulrasheed 

Failure is not the destination of quitting from pursuing a dream, it’s an ingredient that gives success its flavor. The real nature of success is blundering from failure to failure without losing confidence. Failing a test does not mean you can’t perform well in the examination or meet up with your aspiring grade. It only needs to mend the lapses and give correction to where there is an error.

Continuous Assessment [C.A] test is meant to test learners’ ability or a procedure intended to affirm the quality, performance or reliability of students’ understanding prior to the examination. The step a student takes after being tested will determine whether being a failure or not.

If one is being defeated by a test score, the next thing should be on how to catch up in the examination. One can buckle up and avoid repetition of error so as to attain a great feat.

Absolutely, nobody changes your score, this is not an election that can be rigged, it’s an assessment that was conducted with justice; so accept what you scored. Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS) is a just university that values justice.

Dear students, particularly jambitos, you appeared in the camera the way you stand before it. Computer did nothing wrong because it was well programmed. This is merely the beginning of your journey in UDUS, many challenges are ahead of you, but you need to stay positive to conquer the battle.

However, do not let this affect you or alter your decision to strive for what you want, you can still have it because the sun in the sky can still dry cloth. Examination is around the corner, nothing should be wrong with your hope.

Furthermore, do not allow C.A scores to weaken you ahead of the examination, to accept failure as the last destination is a crime. I hope you have learnt the real meaning of Danfodiyo’s motor: Iqra (read). Never let failure get into your heart, the student who failed a test and caught up in the examination is better than the one who passed the test and failed the examination.

Challenge makes one stronger! We have seen students who failed the General Studies [GST] at 100 level but later graduated with flying colors only because they did not succumb to failure. Your academic success lies in your hand, it is left for you to handle it well. UDUS is not for playing but for studying and reading as the school’s motto implies.

Moreover, salute the highest scorers in your department for having such a score, sincerely, it exemplifies commitment and dedication which is worth celebrating. It’s not a means to an end but rather a motivation to do more and not to capitulate. It’s just the beginning of the journey, try to see it to the end. Keep up and stay away from negative minds.

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