By Abdulrasheed Akere

The next five years to this time will be the year 2028. It is categorized under tomorrow because we don’t know how it will be. So far it is a period of time other than the present one.

Though, an aphorism says, ‘no one knows tomorrow’, it is polite for an enthusiastic person to predict or anticipate the time to come. This will enable them to prepare for the future entitlement as seen in a maxim that says ‘he who fails to plan, plans to fail’.

Some people frown at anyone that foresees the future because they believe that you may not be part of the tomorrow you’re striving for. My interrogative to the vide of this belief is that, what if you are lucky to be part of the tomorrow? What will you tell the world that it made you not to plan ahead? So, plan well for your own future because as you lay your bed, you will lie on it.

The way I reasoned in the last half decade (five years ago) is not the way I think now, likewise it will be different in the next five years. An author has once said ‘If your thinking is still the same as that of last year, it means you have wasted a whole year of existence’. One’s thinking should not be static, but always dynamic in positive dimensions to the previous one.

Growth is not about age solely, one has to grow cognitively, affectively and psychomotor; if nothing changes you, the books you read and the experiences you had would change your mental status and other aspects of development.

Five years is enough for someone to succeed. One of the certain things about me is that I won’t be an undergraduate anymore by 2028; I will be an autonomy of myself, no more collecting something from home rather to convey huge things to home. By then, parents should be proud of sponsoring my education by eating the fruits of their labor. Let me categorize the success I foresee into two; traditional and professional success.

Traditionally, in five years time, I should have my own house, car and nuclear family. What I mean by this is that I would be a man that people will point at that he is a successful man because in my tribe, Yoruba, you’re not totally successful if you don’t possess your own personal assets such as lands, houses, luxurious cars and be a family breadwinner. By then, God willing, I should be a pilgrim who returns from the holy land (Mecca) to perform Hajj as part of our religion (Islam) traditions.

Professionally, I should have a high paying job alongside my own private business and also have a seat in the government office. The job may be in the writing field or journalism, I look forward to being a great writer with high esteem that author bevy essential books that will be beneficial to the current and next generation. I will uphold what Prof. Asabe Kabir said, “As an academic, you either publish or perish” by making sure that I write and publish myriads of impactful stories in national and international media organizations.

However, I should be a Chief Executive Officer, or CEO of a sole-proprietorship or partnership business that will be a source of income for me till eternity. As a student of the faculty of education, upon my graduation some years before 2028, I have an insight to establish a school that will be beneficial to several generations and at the same time be a source of income for me.

Also, as a prospective teacher, I am liable to secure a job from a governmental body, it’s not cool or satisfactory for a Nigerian who is passionate about success to have a single source of income. I glance at some years back of my life, all I see are experiences which could be a building blocks of victory that will yield to testimony. I dream it, I dream it well, may the supreme God grant my wishes and let my dreams come true.


The Writer: Abdulrasheed Akere is a 300 level student of Education Biology at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS). Akere is currently an editor with PEN PRESS UDUS, he can be reached via

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