By: Nurudeen Akewushola
The outgoing Students’ Union President, Comrade Ibrahim Shehu Kalgo has debunked the allegation made against him and his cabinet by one of the key contenders, Comrade Faruku Barade.
Barade has reportedly accused  the outgoing Students’ Union president, comrade Ibrahim Shehu Kalgo led administration  of strategically campaigning for his opponent Comrade Abubakar Funtua by inscribing the name of his opponent’s office in every project executed by their administration.
Mr Kalgo has however debunked the pervading allegation as false claims with no substantial proof saying that he has no interest in anyone’s candidature
“Rumour is all over Social Media on the forthcoming election and Danfodio radios are rapidly spreading what has no iota of truth, with no any investigation or tangible reason to defend their allegation. One of the Presidential aspirants even went to a media house to have an interview with journalists but unfortunately, nobody attempted to hear my own side of the story”
“Many people are curious to know my stand and who’s my anointed candidate for the next coming election.
But the simple fact is, I don’t represent anyone’s interest, I don’t believe in godfatherism, I believe in a free world for everyone. I don’t support anyone’s candidature, I’m neutral” he added
Kalgo also noted that his stand has no influence on the victory of candidates and clarified that the public has the prerogative to choose the candidate of their choice
“Neither Funtua nor Barade  or any other aspirant is my candidate, I believe we students are educated enough to know the type of leaders that should pilot our Aluta plane, so I urge the University populace to ignore the rumour in circulation” he clarified
The outgoing president however enjoined students to vote wisely and to vote for credible candidate, he said:
“I’m neutral, I stand for neutrality, I have no candidate, vote wisely, vote for the candidate of your interest, who you believe in his capacity and capability”

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