BROKEN HEART (Episode 6)

The way I was shivering and groaning in my thick blanket was getting out of hands, my room mates had to rush me down to the clinic. Quickly I was admitted and dripped.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me either; was it the way her dad treated me that is pissing me or the fear that zainab will no longer be mine? All I knew was that I was really scared and worried.

Early in the morning as I drowsily woke up I felt my left hand buried in two soft palms, who could it be? I cleared my eyes and peered again, yes! It was zainab. “Good morning” she greeted immediately our eyes met. My face lit up in delight. I only stared at her with a smile dancing along my lips.

She stayed with me In the clinic throughout that day, entertained all my friends that have visited and will never let me no matter how I whine to eat on my own. she fed me two meal square that day. When it was getting to 5 o’clock I noticed her declining calls as soon as they come through. I was sure those calls were from her parents .

I wish she could stay with me throughout my stay in the clinic but I have to let her go “I think you need to go home sweetheart” I said almost silently afraid of what her response might be. But still her parents need her too or even more than I do “I’m fine already, I might even be discharged tomorrow so no much cause to fear” I said leaving her with no excuse to still remain

Her dad was waiting for her in the sitting room as soon as she came through he start to bombard her with question, the fact that she didn’t hide where she was coming from triggered his anger “have I not told you not to meet that boy again, okay! You are not the a child that listens right? Anyways it’s all my fault, I know what to do” he said angrily

Her mom tried to calm him but he was already covered with the garment of anger “from today on you shall not be stepping a feet outside this house without my permission, in addition to that” he said “you will not be going to school any longer”

She tried to plead but he never let her talk, she ran vigorously to her room, she picked her phone from her hand bag and dialed my number. She started to weep immediately I answered the call, I tried and calmed her and the story she narrated was indeed terrible. Indeed  our love is in a mess.

Her dad later followed her to her room and found out she was making call with me he yanked the phone off her hand and seized it “and you shall not be using a phone untill you get back to your senses” he said as he walked away leaving her in tears

I felt guilty and intensely worried about the condition of the person I love. It was a totally new feeling to her, I could recall I once asked her if she had ever traverse a broken heart moment she laughed and said “yes, when I was small a friend once said my fart smiles and I was sad about it” I couldn’t help bursting out in laughter.

The person I love is in great pain and heartbroken, I couldn’t imagine my own pain too. I really need to do something about it no matter what it will cause me…..

To be continued …..

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