By: Abdulmajid Bala kangiwa 
I heard her loud and clear but still pretended it was a joke “I love you too Hadiza! Let’s go please! I whined and sat on the front seat of her car. I guessed  she did not understand, that I was desperate to see someone. 
She was still leaning on her car outside.
I came out of the car to where She was standing, stood infront of her  “what’s wrong, Hadiza ” 
“Yes” she started. “I love you, with the whole of heart, I really do” she said almost sobbing “I never loved any guy the way I love you, I’ve been showing you signs but you never seem to notice.      I’ve endured enough seeing you with other girl, I can’t hold it any more……
I only stood looking at her like a statue. Her  speech really melted my heart and I was speechless, the ringing tone from my phone broke our few seconds silence. 
A melodious voice echoed on my ears (a voice I’ve been longing to hear ) “Hey! Where have you guys been, I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now” 
I knew she was angry but I know exactly how to calm her down “sweetheart!” my call silenced her. I didn’t see her but was sure she smiled to that, 
“we are coming” I said trying to sound strong
 “okay sweetheart” she replied.
“Hadiza please let’s go now” our drive to the restuarant was  a silent one, many thoughts circulating on both our mind.
We walked into the restaurant side by side. I thought that I was the only one who was faking a smile but Hadiza was doing the same thing. Only the smile on Zainab’s face real, Like it was written on her face that she was happy to see the two of us together. Only she knew the real faces behind our smiling faces.
As we drew near, she frowned her face, I didn’t knew when the fake smile on my face faded away “what happened sweetheart? I asked while sitting down
 “Do you know how many hours I’ve been waiting for you? I’m m sure you made Hadiza wait too. I smiled as I welcomed a relief to my heart.
“You’re a barrister so I don’t need to tell you that  that you have breached the section 29, subsection 10 of the LOVE constitution 2007 as amended” 
we all burst  laughing as they both tap hands.
“You know you are crazy right? I said while still laughing.
 “Yes” she said “I am crazy for you” 
“do you know how you look today” she added
“So handsome, someone could not even take her eyes off me” I teased 
“Well! Not really, you look like one fine puppet I saw on TV this morning. 
We all burst laughing, I almost forgot Hadiza was there with us upon looking at her I realized she was faking: the smile, the laughter everything was scam and that she was really angry.
“Yes! Sweetheart I am a puppet, not an ordinary one but your own puppet, and I am really glad that even as a puppet I’m  still beautiful to you. I said smiling and she was blushing already.
“Do you know what? I just told Mom before you arrive that you agreed to pay us a visit this weekend” she said smiling 
To be continued

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