By: Abdulmajid Kangiwa

That call alone made my day and erased every single sorrow that has bothering  my heart before it but I didn’t know that, that would be  the beginning of my agony.

“I’m so excited honey! It’s almost about time I will make you mine, forever and ever!” I said delightfully.

On that call that lasted for almost forty minutes we talked about nothing but everything. At the end after bidding each other a farewell who to hang up first became an issue of argument “who hanged up yesterday? It was me, so you will hang up today” she said trying to sound serious.

We were both adamant, nobody was willing to do it ” i have an idea sweetheart” I said “let’s hang up at the same time”

And we agreed to hang up simultaneously after the count of three but there was no hang up from both of us after the count, we all burst laughing “you didn’t hang up” we said almost the same time. The woman behind the Airtel voice help us did it by saying “your credit is low”

I was thrilled, immediate I called my mom “my sweet mother!….
“How are u my boy…
“I’m good mom! I told you I’m  going to bring two certificates home, one of my degree and one of my marriage” I said to her jokingly. I told her the story and she was happy about it. I told most of my friends about it and the journey will be tomorrow evening.

She welcomed me and led me over to a roomy seating room where her dad was seating. I greeted him traditionally by kneeling my legs while Zainab was behind me smiling, he offered me a seat and Zainab went inside.

I anticipated to hear the same thing every other man hears when the parents of his girlfriend invite him over but for me it was the other way round “so Sadeeq is you’re name?…
“Yes sir…
“What does you’re Dad do for a living…..?
“My dad” I stammered  “My dad is late! and my mom is a medical doctor…
“So it’s true you’re a son of a nobody.

I felt insulted from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet ” well! The real reason I called you is to warn you about my daughter, I want you to distance yourself from my girl otherwise I will change my face. She is not your type…..” he said sounding tough.

My heart started panting while he was talking, I didn’t know when sweat started dropping down my sides. Before I uttered a word I heard a voice from behind me. It was Zainab confronting her dad, she was eavesdropping all that while and had overheard everything he had said ” he is my type dad! He is the one I love” she said.

“Baby this boy is not good enough for you! His intentions are not clear, your friend Hadiza has told me everything” he snapped
“Baba it’s not true anything anybody told you against him…
“Go inside” he shouted

“please don’t shout at her” I pleaded. He turned to me “what! How dare you try to woo my daughter in front of me” he said angrily “get out of my house, now!…….

My journey back to the campus seemed also endless thinking about my unfortunate encounter with the father of my sweetheart. I was so silent everybody was surprised I couldn’t talk even to my roommate, I knew things must be circulating inside their minds like “what happened to this talkative

My day was dreadful and am catching cold soon I began to shiver in my thick blanket…

To be continued!

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