Promise Eze writes,

Today, there’s a new headline trending on social media: 100 LEVEL VARSITY STUDENT ALLEGEDLY BURNS SELF TO DEATH OVER SCHOOL STRESS. The lead of the news report makes it even clearer: ‘…….100 level Physiology student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Uli, Anambra State, identified as Kenneth commits suicide…allegedly due to stress..’

Mark the words ‘SCHOOL STRESS.’

Few days earlier, I logged into Facebook only to see a headline similar to the one penned above. STUDENT COMMITS SUICIDE OVER POOR GRADES. Poor Grades—a type of SCHOOL STRESS.

This ‘School Stress’ could be varieties of problems we don’t take seriously but which stings could be deadly. It could be earning poor grades even after working hard. And even if one lodges a complaint, one would be asked to just carry over the course because nothing could be done about it.  It could be being victimized by a lecturer and no one would believe you when you tell your story because lecturers are always right. It may even be slithering through classes with an empty stomach because there’s not enough money to feed oneself with. It could be carrying over a course one shouldn’t even fail in the first place. It could be being laughed at for being dull just because one’s CGPA doesn’t look too attractive.

Believe me, a lot of students have lost it ‘upstairs’ because of the kind of pressure and difficulties they have to go through all in the name of getting a degree. And we are silent about this. Whatever this SCHOOL STRESS could be, it is high time we look at and TALK ABOUT all the factors responsible for the poor performance of students and find solutions to them. It’s high time the topic of Mental Health be taken very seriously because a lot of students look sound outside but are dying inside. Let’s talk about how the odds are against the favour of most students and how they are being affected mentally.

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