Adeshina Arigbanlabuwo writes,

Let me instantly convince most people who in one way or the other think that power surpasses education. But, before I proceed, Power means the ability to control the action of others through the use of sanctions, money, gun, position and et cetera while education on the other hand can be defined as the totality of experience that an individual is exposed to, from the day he is born to the day he dies.

In essence, it is self evident that education most times stands at the position of power, but power can not stand in the position of education. Never! A person that has education is more respectable in the society to one that has just power. A person that has education can make appease to any sort of chaos in the society and as well make unambiguous solutions to obscurity of any form.

Again, power can only be actuating in the presence of sanction and compel heed, but it can not enlighten what seems to be conundrum. This makes me remember the quote of Nelson Mandela which goes thus: “Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world.” So, let me buttress this with what is obvious to us. The universe we’re in today, ameliorates and advances due to the sake of education, and not even the sake of power. I believe you also know that.

The pivotalness and significance of education is greater and mightier to power and this depends on how you contemplate. Although both work hand in hand sometimes, but they can never be juxtaposed. However, this makes the ability of power to be micro to education, because at times, someone who is given power may be because he’s educated. Education beautifies and makes you great at all times, but cowardice happens to power in the absence of sanction.

It is even often uttered by the scholars that, “education is the best legacy.” Education can be informal or formal, but, it takes one to pass through these both forms of it to be an educated individual as even according to ‘George Santayana, “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child”.

However, in conclusion, a person with power but without knowledge, will eventually abuse or misuse the power someday. This is why education is first and all other things, including power or money, align below it. As it all can be seen that it still even remains, as Nelson Madela had opined, the most powerful weapon in which today’s world has been changing and developing rapidly.

Adeshina Arigbanlabuwo is a 100 level student of Islamic Studies, UDUS.

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