Abalu Khadijah Opeyemi writes,

Dear freshers, how have you been? I am using this medium to welcome you to the most peaceful university in Nigeria. Forget about exaggeration, this is not a case of piling the school up, UDUS is the most peaceful university in Nigeria and I hope you are getting to know that already. However, as you have started a new life in the seat of the caliphate, UDUS to be precise, I would love to bring about these two common terms on the UDUS campus in which you cannot do without. If not the two, then one of them is surely a thing you can not bypass.

Boko! Are you wondering what Boko is? Well, it has a variety of meanings that is focused around denoting “things or actions having to do with fraudulence, or inauthenticity”. But, that is not the case here in UDUS. BOKO in UDUS means ‘reading’ and studying hard. As you have seen in the motto of the school, IQRA! an Arabic word that means Read! And, when I say read, it means you have to read every day you have to read like you are having an exam the next day. The bitter truth is that carryovers are surely there waiting, winking, and waving at you if you are not ready to embrace ‘Boko’. So this is surely why BOKO to you as a Danfodite should be part of your everyday agenda.

On the other hand, we also have MOROCCO, this a humorously referred to as the holy land of sinful lovers, we say that because we believe the land of UDUS is holy, but these lovers that hang around these spots at night play dirty games and all sorts that are otherwise academic, meaningful or productive that we term as the sinners. Morocco, in other words, to be gentle this time, is any place where student lovers are meant to meet for something seemingly love, be it in the day or at night. The headquarters are the front of the female halls of residence. Sometimes, it even extends to classrooms at night. You would still see them hanging around the classes.

Boko is your departmental compulsory course, how? It is your main primary assignment of being on the campus, while Morocco is just an elective course. Though there is a popular saying on campus by the elders that “BOKO without MOROCCO is like a tea without sugar”. But mind you, as sweetened as it is being described, it has also led to the reason some female students’ pride was taken away and are therefore being deprived of a good life afterward. While BOKO is a hard friend, then always have it at the back of your mind that MOROCCO is otherwise a sweet foe.

Finally, as it is being equipped; “what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”. This explains the meaning of the ascribed acronyms of the genius who have seen, met, and gone through the hell of the ocean of studying, the 3Rs (read, revise, and recall).  It is not ignorance that makes the rat attack the rat, it is an act of foolishness”. So, be careful and never be deceived by anything or anyone.

Morocco or Boko? Choose wisely now!

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