Abdulrasheed Hammad reports,

The students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, have expressed dissatisfaction over the mass failure in PHY 202 (Electronics Circuit and Electronics) results that the Physics Department released recently.

Many students contended that they were given D, E and F grades in their results.

Saidu Baba Saidu, a 300-Level student of Applied Chemistry, complained bitterly about the results, noting that almost all the departments that offered the course performed woefully.

He pleaded to the Physics Department to look into the results released for positive amendment.

Mubashir Ahmad, a 300-Level student of Pure and Applied Chemistry, expressed his sadness over his result, stating that he got an E grade in PHY 202 result.

Although many students are afraid to talk about this mass failure, a screenshot of the chat retrieved from one of their colleagues showed how they sobbed over their results.

One of the students said it shocked him when he saw his results. He added that he refreshed his portal five times before he could believe that was his grade.

“Highest grade I heard is C,” he said.

When one of the affected students asked ‘badman’, his colleague, about his result in a private chat, he said he got an F. The person who chatted him up got a D grade in his PHY 202.

Another affected student who pleaded anonymity said he had expected either an A or a B grade in the course. However, it astonished him when he saw the grade on his school portal.

“It is not easy to study Physics. I am even scared of PHY 201 now,” he confessed.

Another student said it shocked him that everyone complained about the results, including Oga Saidu, who he regards as a scholar. He thanked God PHY 202 would be the last Physics course he would take in UDUS.

However, despite the mass failure in this course, the affected students failed to reveal their identities for fear of intimidation.

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