Emelife Uchenna  reports.

Emelife Stella Chinelo, a first class graduate of Applied Chemistry, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto, 2012/13 session was on the 17th of March, 2019 awarded ‘Best student in the department of Chemistry’, and ‘Overall best student’ in a Master’s degree in the 99th convocation of the University Of Mysore, India.

Consequent of the accolade, she was adorned with 20 gold medals and five cash prizes.

She as well goes in record as being the first foreigner in the 100+ years of the University’s existence to bag such accolade, with a whooping final grade point (FGP) of 92.236%.

Prior to her Master’s degree,  Emelife Stella Chinelo, an indigine of Anamabra state was awarded in the last convocation of UDUS, the “Most Outstanding Student” in the department of Chemisty, and the “Best graduating student” of the entire 2012/13 session, with a 4.86 CGPA.  A #50,000 cash prize was given to her afterward by the University management.

After her NYSC, she was awarded a scholarship by the Indian Government, for a Master’s degree in the University she is a valecdictorian of now, where she stood out as being the only female Nigerian shortlisted for the scholarship.

Emelife Stella Chinelo in her undergraduate days, was also an awardee of the PTDF scholarship for the prime years of her studies.

She is currently being featured in several Indian newspapers, in one, under a column tagged “The golden girls” amongst other deserving (native) graduates of the University of Mysore, India.

When asked how she was able to reach such commendable academic excellence and keep up with it, Emelife Stella Chinelo told Pen Press UDUS that she is a strong believer in hardwork and God, and both have proven to never fail her. In her words:

“I believe in hardwork and of course in God.
I believe so much that hard work pays.
So whatever I do, I develop love and passion for it and work out all possible ways to get the very best out of it and yeah, I have never gotten a different result.”

She went on to advise students of UDUS who may want to reach her academic height and beyond, to keep doing their best and never give up.

“Keep going. Don’t ever stop.
When you make mistakes, just figure it out, find out why and just continue moving with the correction in mind.
If you believe in God (I advise you should), put your absolute trust in Him.”

Emelife Stella Chinelo currently runs an educational/lifestyle vlog where she educates her audience on the value of education, and informs them of several ways to academically stand out.

Link to vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMJH_2AGu5LYeLCG7dfOulA

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