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Zariat Yetunde Ayoade reports,


The Usmanu Danfodiyo University Young Antimicrobial Resistance Stewards (UDUYARS), organized a hangout for its members on Sunday, October 15, 2023, at the Skyland Resort, UDUTH.   

UDUYARS is a dedicated group of Usmanu Danfodiyo University students, working towards raising awareness and taking multidisciplinary action against the widespread threat that Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) represents. AMR is a pressing global health concern, and this club plays a vital role in educating, advocating and implementing local measures to combat it. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microorganisms resist the drugs we use to treat infections.

The president of the club, Idris Olawale Tajudeen, opened the floor by commending the members’ efforts towards supporting the aims of the club. The hangout also featured poetry reading, riddles and jokes and a roundtable discourse on AMR, through which members shared their knowledge on it.

PEN Press gathered from the discussion that Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a global health challenge that stems from drug abuse or self-medication. It is a situation where the microbes in the body develop coping mechanisms to withstand drug use due to its abuse or improper knowledge about drugs. 

According to the President of the club, “The primary aim of the club is to create a unified front in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance. The club’s objectives include Increasing awareness about AMR among the club members and the wider community by organizing training, programs and outreach. People will be enlightened about the causes and how this menace can be avoided.”

Ahmad Abdulgaffaar, the outreach coordinator of the club, also disclosed some of the proposed activities of the club, which include secondary school outreach and club formation. He added that the club will also organize a week-long sensitization program in November to commemorate World Antimicrobial Awareness Week.

“We will visit secondary schools to create awareness about AMR and also form the AMR club in the school for interested students. That way, the children will be aware of the dangers of AMR and also enlighten their parents,” Ahmad explained. 

The club also intends to visit laboratories around the community, collecting data on people affected by AMR, the causes, the symptoms and how the patients are responding to treatment. 

“The project will be led by the Vice President of the club, in person of Zakariya’u Dauda,” the outreach coordinator revealed. 

Idris further posited that the club is aimed at promoting the responsive use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents through their outreach. The club will also be conducting studies and research projects to understand the local prevalence of AMR, which is their quota in contributing to the global understanding of the issue.

“We will be collaborating with healthcare professionals, community organizations, and schools to engage a broader audience and involve them in the fight against AMR,” he concluded.

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