On Thursday,  2nd day of May, 2019, students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto trooped out to elect new set of leaders that will paddle their affairs for the next one year.
However after the election has gone and the winners has emerged, the new water has bubbled and new fishes entered. In other words, the Kalgo-led administration bowed out and the Barade’s administration jets in. The questions that should be bugging the minds of the newly elected executives is how they will not let down the hope of average Danfodites who entrusted their mandate on them.

After a keenly observation by PEN PRESS, it’s glaring that the students actually cast their votes for the candidates after they were convinced by their manifesto, they found them worthy of being voted without external or internal influence.

Sincerely speaking, despite the series of alleged misappropriation of priority against the past administration, it’s obvious that they have done all they could within their capacity to ease the students’ welfare.
However, there are still some grey areas which need to be mended by these new executives if they want their names to be inscribed in the heart of Danfodites with Golden Pen.

The current president made some promises on tackling some acute areas regarding the students welfare.
Having seen from his agenda, that the President had good plans for the entire students of Danfodiyo, they cast their votes for him hoping to achieve a better result.

We concur with the words of Dr Jimoh Olaiya Amzat  , an associate professor of Sociology in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, he said: “The success of every administration is not about having a lot of plans but it’s about to have a limited plan and do it well”.
It’s essential to note that it’s not about having thousands of plans at a time that makes administration successful, it’s about looking for a very core area which are very vital and do it well to satisfy the wants of the students.

Series of agitations were observed when the Kalgo-led administration championed the rehabilitation of Jatau bridge last session despite the fact that the administration was trying to emulate the footprint of euphoric Maibasira.
The rehabilitation of Kofar Mata bridge and Jatau walk-way seems related but the later was done based on students’ clamouring while the latter was done when nobody clamoured for it. It means that it’s not about how expensive the project is but how relevant is it to the welfare of students.
It’s essential that the administration focuses on some vital areas which can quench the plight of students.

It’s not even about aiming for many projects, the method and approach to achieving these projects are also paramount.
Mr Barade promised to deliver Seven Points Agenda which were seen to be very critical and relevant to the students welfarism, but it’s however essential to note that the Union’s pocket is limited even if the administration wishes to deliver all its manifesto, financial capacity of the Union may be an obstacle.
This is where the importance of liasing with external sources comes in.
As we have posited earlier, there is a wide gulf between that laudable Kofar Mata project and booed Jatau Bridge project due to the fact that the kofar Mata project which costed millions of Naira was manned completely by the UBA and the Jatau bridge was done from the Union’s pocket. The President promised to build more hostels for the students which we believe it is not realistic if the administration depends on Union’s treasury.
In order to achieve a giant stride, the admistration should strive to look for external supports and thereby making it easier to tackle the problems facing the students.

On a final note, the tick-tack of your administration has started winkling and the observants are watching every single step that you take, Journalists are ready to hold you accountable on whatever  you do, if it’s good it will be commended and if it’s otherwise it will be criticized.

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