Whatever has a beginning must surely have an ending, despite the enormous love that Danfodiyo students have for the outgoing VC that many even wished that his tenure should be extended due to his laudable accomplishments and his kindness towards students. We couldn’t hold him back, our Baba Mai Calendar is leaving and will soon join the league of ex-Vice chancellors.

Few weeks ago, the entire Danfodiyo community were in the state of anticipation on who would clinch the Vice-chancellor position of the University. Everybody was eager to know who would succeed the outgoing VC.

Before the emergence of Prof Bilbis the entire blogosphere has even been filled with many predictions, and in fact considering his previous accomplishments many people had earlier predicted him as the new VC until yesterday when that rumour now becomes a reality.
The outgoing VC has done a lot in term of restructuring and transformation of the University: resurrection of our academic calendar, innovation of some technologies, many infrastructural projects and other of his efforts that have enhanced the standard of this University but no matter how perfect a human might work his head would still shake — despite the laudable efforts and accomplishments, there are still some challenges facing this University because transformation is a gradual process.
An adage says “ A chick that will grow to a cock can be spotted from the first day it hatches”, so the past has done all he could, it’s now left for the successor to keep the legacy flowing. And in fact working towards surpassing what the past has done by solving the remaining grey areas.

First, one of the most glaring challenges facing this University is the shoddiness in mobilization of its graduates for service.
 It’s only in Danfodiyo varsity that graduates need to wait for six months before they are being mobilized for service. Graduates who ought to have joined their colleagues in serving their father land would still be found wandering around the campus over minor problems. It’s only last year that Danfodiyo graduates were able to make it to the first batch which was part of the effort of the previous administration.
The system of mobilizing graduates needs to be restructured in such a way that students will be mobilized together with their colleagues in other varsities immediately after their graduation.
The challenges may be solved through the adoption of ICT in the system and of course final year students need to be scrutinized thoroughly before they leave not until after their graduation.

An integral part of this is also the problem of late issuance of certificate, it’s saddening that the University which has been existing for the past 40years can’t still deem it fit to issue out the original certificates to her graduates immediately after they graduate. In fact, some juvenile Universities are able to do this easily. This aspect needs to be looked into so as to ease the graduation process. Nothing is more honourable than for a graduate to graduate, certified  convoked and mobilized immediately after graduation

Nothing instilled the love of the former Vice- chancellor in the minds of students other than his exceptional ability of his administration to revamp the academic stability of the University.

The fact that he revived the University calendar from sluggishness makes him well loved among the students. This is also of paramount importance that the current administration needs to maintain
Students-Management tie also need to be strengthened, the University management should try and carry students body along in all her activities, an idea from students may also pave away some hurdles.
If there is an effective communication between University management and students, this will enable the management to know the needs of the students thereby enabling them to find solution to it at the right time

Sincerely speaking, the University is developing in term of technological advancements. Technology has been the driving force that allows any corporate organization to thrive. Some stressful and slothful processes in this University can be reformed through the adoption of technology.

Compared to the other Universities of her kind 55 courses are too few for this this aged University. The Vice-chancellor should work towards the accreditation of more courses especially in Arts and Humanities. This will also enhance this citadel of learning in term of academic excellence and research

The accommodation blues can also not be underrated; the available hostels are not sufficient for the students.
It will ease the students’ welfare if the University can build more hostels as well as partnering with private investors to achieve this

In UDUS Campus, there’s no significant difference between students and externals this is because there is no any glaring identity sign that distinguishes students from non-students.
In other words, students of this University only see their ID card as exam card and not for identification which it ought to be. This is because they prefer to keep it at home so that it will not lost while moving from one place to another.

Like other Universities, the management should enforce the use of tag that bears ID card on his students while going to anywhere on campus.
Apart from the fact that this will save the University from incessant inwards of unknown hoodlums who may wish to perpetrate evil acts this will also beautify the appearance of students of on campus.

Insecurity is also one of the major problems bewildering the school community which need to be solved with impelling alacrity. The incoming VC should revamp the security department and also increase the number of it personnel as well as monitoring their activities for a safer environment.
On a final note, the enumerated problems are just few out of the problems facing our University, it’s essential to recall that many students and other personnel in UDUS have so much belief in your wide experience and exposure in academic field and it’s our hope that you will utilize this to wheel our University to the enviable level. Uneasiness lies on the head that wears crown, we hope to see some significant changes sooner rather than later as the tick-tack of your administration kicks-off in August


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