During the just concluded convocation which took place at the University Convocation Theatre, a group of students trooped in with a banner displaying a picture of the Vice-chancellor, clamoring “Sai Baba!!”

On their matching tees was an inscription, “Next National Assignment” which meant that they hoped for a similar national appointment of Vice Chancellor as the  incumbent’s reign is almost over. These students repeated this action for the two days of the convocation proper, especially when the VC’s name was announced or stood to address the public. Most of the mornachs who graced the occasion had suprised faces on to behold such rare show of love. It mirrored their wonder on what exactly the VC has done, that students have chosen to go extra mile in expressing their gratitude.

The above however is just one out of the numerous scenarios where students have publicly honoured the Vice Chancellor. There is always a loud cheer that accompanies the VC’s presence anywhere on campus.

This merited love could be credited to the humility, which is just one out of the 101 positive traits of the Vice Chancellor.
Unlike some leaders, anytime the VC appears in public, he smiles and waves at students, embraces them and is ever ready to participate in their activities.
A cursory look at the way the Vice-chancellor appeared humbly in a sport attire on the day of convocation’s novelty match, goes to show how much down to earth he is, not minding his status. It remains a golden sight to behold.

Like we posited in our previous “Editorial Viewpoint” that Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto had earlier faced many setbacks in terms of academic, administrative and infrastructural developments. The students of UDUS  see the outgoing Vice-chancellor as the messiah who has saved the University.

One of the major reasons why many students of UDUS love the VC, is due to his and his cabinet’s effort in restructuring the academic calendar of the University. Years back, UDUS was tantamount to a university of sluggishness, as it took more than normal for students to complete an academic pursuit.
However, after the horrific indefinite ASUU strike which happened in 2013 and the incident which led to the amalgamation of two sets in that year, the University later regained her academic stability.
Students attribute this landmark success to the Zuru-led administration, winning him the Messiah title and treatment.

Looking at students’ angle, the Vice-chancellor always ensures that the complains of students are looked into and necessary amendments done to the complaints.
His administration also ensured that students are carried along in decision making, especially if the decision affects the students of the University. The admistration gives them(students) the avenue to express their grievances, afterward, necessary adjustments are done.

For instance, last session during the extension of the second semester examination dates which might have precluded students from going for the Sallah celebration, many students grieved over this and pleaded to the University management to adjust the time in order for them to celebrate Sallah in their various places. Around the same time, the VC returned from a trip restoring hope to students that their complaints will be heard as it’s a norm with the VC. Like a knight in shining armor, the VC played saviour and the exam dates were adjusted. Students gleefully returned home after exams for the sallah celebration.

Before the Zuru administration, UDUS was in lack technology-wise. A glaring lethargy in technology and an adoption of a rather too flawed manual system. Meanwhile, his administration brought about the idea of a pro-metric ICT centre, with thousands of technological tools which paved way for the conduct of exams in a digital way, and for the first time, a computer based test in the University’s exams.

Some ground-breaking infrastructural developments also took place during his tenure, the completion of the new faculty of Agriculture, Faculty Of Engineering and Environmental Designs, rehabilitation of the dilapidated Kofar Mata bridge were all the achievements of his adminstration.
In order to increase comfortability in the part of students, the administration also championed the completion of new Zamfara hostel and Bakasi hostel.

The above are just few out of the numerous commendable developments brought by the Zuru-led administration.
The outgoing VC has set a stride for the upcoming generations. It is our submission that the next admistration should strive to surpass his laudable achievements, by filling some loopholes which his administration was unable to bridge and to also champion projects which will be worthy of applause and emulation.

As Professor Abdullah Abdul Zuru is about to bow out as the Vice Chancellor of UDUS, and having considered all his achievements, Pen Press UDUS dares to crown him the award of the best Vice-Chancellor ever in UDUS.

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