Abdulkareem Abdurasheed Akere writes,
Allah is the omniscient, omnipotent, the beneficent, the merciful, the creator of life and everything it entails. He has been existing before the existence of everything and will continue to exist after the death of everything.
All lives exist with His consent and everything will fall apart with His knowledge.
Also, He is the controller of all humans and nonhuman creatures activities in the world for He is mighty with superior power. The omnicompetent Allah gives and takes life so, giving birth and losing of the soul is not by any deity except Him.
Majestically, Allah is one superior, powerful, metaphysical being found everywhere in the universe and out of the universe.
According to His word in the holy book (Quran), “I am near to you than the veins in your neck”. He hears our sayings, sees our doings, knows all our intentions even before we plan to do it so, let’s have God’s fear in our actions even in the darkness because nothing is secretive to Him.
Nevertheless of the oneness of Allah, He manages earth and heaven. He also sent many messengers to the world with several Holy books that preach to the existence, oneness, worshipping of Allah.
Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is the last messenger, he was given Quran to serve as guidance to humans on a daily basis and how to worship Allah.
Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) is the last messenger, he was given Quran to serve as guidance to human beings on a daily basis and how to worship Allah. for the dead one’s. Quran also emphasizes that, “Every soul will taste death” and we should believe; have it in mind that there is life after death, where everyone will account for his deed in life, either good or bad on the day of resurrection.
Omnibenevolent (Allah) uses Quran to illuminate the concept of destiny (Qadar) as the things that will befall each and every being during their lifetime.
Dear you! have believed in destiny when it serves you better and when it comes with sadness that all is happening as His will.
You are privileged to call on Him to make your destiny the preferable one for He said in Quran that, “Call upon me; I will answer” so, let’s be prayerful.
Furthermore, Almighty Allah, the king of the day of judgment said, “He has created two houses paradise (Al-Janat) and hellfire (Aã-nar) for good and bad people respectively”. The good people are those who believe and obey His rules, worship Him and are fond of doing good to everyone around them while the bad people are the exact opposite.
Lastly, Allah knows everything about us, knows what our life will end up with and those who will enter heaven among us, we still need to work for it so, let recall an adage that says, “your tomorrow is in your hand” which means that it is our deeds that will determine our hereafter.
It’s not too late for you to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness on your bad deed so as to enter paradise.
Abdulkareem Abdulrasheed Akere is a 200 level student of Education and Biology, UDUS.

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