Abolarin Ibrahim writes,
Life is what garbages in and out, we are all here today on campus to build our careers, shape our future into beautiful ones and, we must always remember that opportunity comes but once.
I will like to briefly narrate a story of a guy whose triviality and Texan behaviour made him lose a beautiful opportunity four times.
This guy scored 191 the first time he wrote JAMB and the cut-off mark for admission then was160, but he neglected it. In his second JAMB, he played a lot and scored 190, lower than the first time and so he neglected the second opportunity because he wasn’t satisfied with the score.
Parental guidance, disgraced by friends and relatives for lack of preparation, but the third time he scored 200. This time, he was discouraged by his mother to still neglect the chance all just because he wanted to study Law which they see as the best Art course in University.
As a claimed Texan, he argued a lot in the family house meeting, based on the issue of him preparing for the next JAMB but all efforts weren’t welcomed by his sponsors, so he prepared for the fourth time and scored 203. the fourth JAMB result weakened him a lot and it made him partially agree to the layman saying that, “Education or being Educated is not part of the key to success”.
He now studies Literature in English at the most peaceful university in Nigeria.
Opportunity comes but once. If it comes once, be wise and grab it. If it comes twice, you’re lucky. If it occurs thrice, you are born for a purpose. If it occurs the fourth time, you are born to act and if you are privileged the fifth time, you are born to make it probably, so, make use of it but remember that the earlier the better.
Abolarin Ibrahim is a 200 level student of Literature in English, UDUS.

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