Faruq Ibrahim Olaoti writes,
Social media handles have become a versatile and the most effective part of human existence in the world of today, ranging from the day-to-day activities. It has become the reason to live a happy life in many of our societies. One could even argue that without social networking, life would cease to exist. Social media sites have also become sources of feasible and hectic-free marketing.
However, on Monday, the shutdown of the most used Social Media sites across the globe which lasted for about 5 hours, left people so worried. I heard a lot of people’s lamentations over the shutdown of the sites. Some of my friends rebooted their phones over 50 times, thinking that the phone was having some technical problems. Well, to me. I was motivated and decided on that day that there is more to life than social media and I should learn how not to often derive most of my joyful moments and happiness from social media.
Renowned Nigeria and international award-winning investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo said: “Dear social media user, what would be left of you if Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, all crashed permanently? If technology took your ‘huge’ social media following away from you, would your essence and existence remain? Would your savings be safe or destroyed? Would your essence in life be worth emulating?”
It is a very big problem if many people have become so addicted to social media the way we have painted it. The time to have a rethink is now because that is not the most important thing in life, we should begin to set our goals out of all these social media sites.
How can I positively impact life rather than relying on social media? How can my career flow freely without these sites? It is very important to have a rethink because just for almost five hours and more, the shutdown has affected a lot of investments and turned people to become mentally disorganised, switching off the phones many times, rebooting the phones for access to the internet without any changes. Why? It was just a sudden, which was yet to be identified then.
What is the way out, if the social media sites crash permanently?
I will suggest that we should all have what is known as “Plan B” in our minds. In what way? We should be creative enough. Although, our political leaders are the ones that do not value our creativity. We have talents and we are good enough in innovations and inventions, but we lack support and courage from the authorities, save rejections.
Hence, our creativity should be adopted and valued. This way, we can have a fiscal solution if the social media sites permanently crash

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