Promise Eze writes,

Every Teachers Day is punctuated with new promises that never see the light of day. And yesterday, it wasn’t teachers that received new doses of promises that never would be fulfilled but teachers–to–be. The federal government promised that every student studying Education in universes will receive 75k per semester, and those in the colleges of education will get 50k. This sounds so good to be true. But we all know it’s a lie. The facts can speak for themselves.

If FG really care about the state of education in the country then it wouldn’t have let public schools under it care to rot. Check the many primary and secondary schools owned by the government. The infrastructure is nothing to write home about. Students sit on the floor to copy notes. There are no laboratories. There are no libraries. The environment looks like that of a refugee camp or even worse. Teachers don’t even come to school regularly because there’s no motivation to work. Teachers are paid peanuts. They are praised on Teachers day but neglected every other day.

There’s no point luring young people into a profession where they’ll be treated like beggars. If indeed students of education would get 75k every semester, what then would be their fate if they eventually become teachers and meet a very decayed system?

Actually, there’ll be no need to lure students to read Education if the education sector is working fine. Before the government starts to dole out free money to potential teachers it should make the teaching profession attractive.

I shall prophesy: No student of education is getting 75k anytime soon.

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