Yinus Taiye Oladimeji writes,

Happy Teachers’ Day to the teachers who have managed to show how much they care every day. To be frank, let me say I don’t know where you find the patience, the strength, and the energy to deal with all of us every single day.
To tell a very short story, as a student of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin. I could flashback my memories to when I was doing my teaching practice in government girls’ day junior secondary school OKO-ERIN Ilorin Kwara State. At this period, one of my junior sisters was seriously sick, and she was admitted to the hospital, so, my mother was always the one to be with her from morning to evening and I was the one who’d be with her from evening to morning.
This is to let the general readership take a mental note of what every teacher out there faces to see that they impart knowledge on their students/pupils, as then I always rush home from the hospital to get dressed up and go to my teaching practice school, that fact that the distress suffered during this time never made me happy but still at the moment of every lecture, I see that I put a broad, fake smile on my face just to see that my students are all fine.
Only half-wits would believe that teaching is an easy task at all. And that aside, many teachers fall victim of different challenges in their homes but they would all learn always to be courageous.
Dear teachers,
But today, we celebrate the wonders that you have made, you may think that your students do not see that passion, efforts and the proverbial extra mile you walk to see your students’ success every single day when you’re in class now, but, believe me, sooner or later, it will be recognized and appreciated.
It is so sad that the governments have failed to realise that teachers are the ones who raise them just like their parents, as they offered them everything that even their parents could not. Teachers thus deserve the increase in salary and allowances as they are the ones who keep making the country working.
The private schools’ owners should also realise that it is not easy before one can be an N.C.E or a B.Ed holder, and so teachers do not deserve the pennies you are paying them monthly despite the huge amount of money you make towards the end of every term. The only way to recognise teachers’ effort and value are to pay them with a good amount of money and that begins from the government and then to all other private institutions who have teachers in one way or the other as workers.
To all our teachers from our nursery and primary schools to secondary and higher learning institutions, we say “thank you very much” for making an impact in our lives all, this is our appreciation and just for you to know that history never forgets you, and history will always be kind to you.
edGOD BLESS YOU ALL. Happy Teachers’ Day!!!

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