It is amazing that the university management has been issuing identification cards to students in various faculties. The devastating part of it is how some students are keeping it in their bag or pocket. Normally, students are supposed to wear it around the campus to show uniqueness and indication of belonging to Danfodiyo.

We clamored for the issuance of this card, it will be good if we put it to good use upon its arrival. It will be fascinating if UDUS students can emulate students of universities like University of Ilorin, Kwara State University (KWASU), Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), among others who always wander their campuses with I.D cards hang on their necks.

Identification cards are important for several reasons. It provides a way to identify authorized individuals and ensure that only those who are authorized are performing their duties. This can help to maintain the safety and security of the university community by preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive areas or performing unauthorized activities.

Also, identification cards can help to reduce confusion and make it easier to identify individuals who have a specific role or responsibility within the school. Not having identification cards for members of the university can have several negative consequences which speak ridiculously of the name of the university at large.

As noted above, one of the reasons why you should use your school identification card is that it serves as proof of identity on campus. As many individuals be it students and non-students are around the school environment this will distinguish the bonafide students from passerby.

More so, You can use your school identification card to access campus facilities such as the library, gym, computer laboratory, and others. If a student’s clinic and library card get lost, the school I.D card can help to prove studentship either to obtain new cards or offer an access to school facilities.

Another reason why you should use your school I.D card while on campus is its requirement for taking examination and attending classes. In writing both paper based tests and computer based test (CBT) examinations, identification cards are very crucial to prove yourself as a student and also give you access to the examination hall. In some universities where varieties of things are produced from the school, students would present I.D cards in order to purchase the product even at low cost.

Furthermore, school I.D cards have the potential to give students the right to borrow books and other materials from the library. And can be used to check out equipment such as laptops, cameras, and projectors where it’s available. It is liable to offer students a license to attend campus events and activities, both inter and intra faculties programmes, because it will prove that the student belongs to both the department and institution.

Conclusively, school I.D cards give students a sense of belonging to the university community. It’s not meant to be hidden in the pocket, hanging it round the neck will add more beauty to a student’s dressing. It is even a proud to be a university student in which an I.D card will portray that.

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