Adamu Yahuza Abdullahi reports,
The outstanding press on campus, PEN PRESS, has trained her intending and old members on the fundamentals of news reporting on Friday 18th of November, 2021.
The training which was held at A134, Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies ( FAIS), was aimed at enlightening the members of the press on the fundamentals of news reporting.
The training which was facilitated by the principal editor, Hayatullahi Abu Lubabah, was held during the the last editorial meeting of the press where he discussed on the fundamentals of news reporting, the differences between reporting and article writing, qualities of a good report and a reporter and many vital information regarding news reporting.
“Reporting is the sub set of journalism that involves identifying what is new, gathering relevant facts and information for the benefit of the general public,” he said.
Speaking further, Abu Lubabah added that a good reporter must be sensitive, inquisitive and one who should know which news is newsworthy.
“A good report must me precise, clear, fair, unbiased and free of errors, have credible source and must be plagiarism free” Abdulrasheed Hammad, the Editor–in–Chief, chipped in during the training.
PEN PRESS members were further grouped and a practical session was held afterwards to ensure they get acquainted to the fundamentals of news reporting.

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