Ayoade Zariat Yetunde reports,

PEN Press, the foremost press outfit on UDUS soil, held its second editorial meeting on Friday, December 2, at the A134 class. At the meeting, which started by 8:30pm, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Promise Chisom Eze, introduced the members to Solutions Journalism.

Following the theme of the meeting, ‘Introduction to Solutions Journalism’, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief facilitated an interesting and interactive session, giving an extensive insight into what Solutions Journalism comprises.

He made reference to a solutions report by the Editor-in-Chief, Abdulrasheed Hammad, about an NGO helping educate children living with disabilties in Sokoto State and another by PEN member, Muhammad Taoheed, about plastic wastes, explaining that “Solutions Journalism involves identifying social Issues that are relevant to the society and how remedies are being provided.”

In his words, “Solutions Journalism has 4 pillars, namely, response, insight, evidence and limitations”.

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief also Implored all members to be consistent and unafraid of learning from others.

“Not everybody will be an Investigative Journalist. Members are advised to work on other fields like Solutions, Entertainment, Sports and other forms of Journalism. Find what you are good at and go for it,” he encouraged.

Abdulrasheed Akere, a PEN Press member, asserted that, “Today’s Editorial was very interesting as I understood what Solutions Journalism comprises. I have been hearing about Solutions Journalism but today’s Editorial made me understand the organs of Solutions Journalism.”

He also noted that the Editorial was motivating because the Deputy Editor-in-Chief shared many aspects and angles to pitch different story ideas and how to balance journalism with academics.

“I am happy I didn’t miss out [on the editorial and training session]”, Kawthar Bukola, another member, revealed that, through the training, she now understands that stories must align with certain qualities before they can be acclaimed as Solutions pieces.

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