Promise Eze reports,
The Greenline Nurture Initiative (GNI), the brain child of Prof Jimoh Amzat and Dr. Kazeem Aremu, has held her opening ceremony on Saturday evening at the board room of the department of Sociology, UDUS.
Featured in the event were Mentor–Mentee interactive session, Etiquettes of social media usage, statements of lifetime goals of participants and a brief review about GNI.
Prof Jimoh Amzat during the opening speech advised the participant to take the 6–months training very seriously.
“GNI, which was birthed last year, was formed to train students on how to secure scholarships and job opportunities, “ he said.
He emphasized mentorship and told the students to move closer to their lecturers because the students can’t do without them.
“Human life is about dependence, right from when you’re born. I’m praying for all my students to be greater than me,” he added.
After the opening speech and introduction of members, the participants were asked to reveal where they see themselves in the next 5 years.
Dr. Kazeem Aremu gave a brief lecture on the etiquettes of social media usage afterwards. He taught the participants how they could manage their various social media accounts. He stressed the fact that those who are looking for scholarships think twice before they publish anything on social media. He implored students not to share things that are not helpful nor necessary.
Uchenna Emelife, GNI Program Secretary, in his closing remark advised the participants to be intentional about their growth and success.
The end of the meeting saw the participants going home with smiling faces as they held onto their refreshments. They were well fed both mentally and physically.

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