Mudathir Hayatullahi (Abu Lubabah) writes,
Ayima Arafat Abdullahi, a 300-Level student of Radiography at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto who made and presented a portrait picture to the Vice-Chancellor of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Prof. Lawal Suleiman Bilbis has expressed his gladness and fulfilment towards commending the efforts of the incumbent VC with the portrait picture.
Arafat is an indigene of Nasarawa State who loves art and finds his happiness in making artworks, despite his course of study.
Arafat told PEN PRESS that he loves art, and its passion drives him into it, as it makes him feel belong whenever he does any work related to it.
When PEN PRESS asked Arafat what motivated him to draw and present a portrait to the Vice-Chancellor, he said that since art is an innovative work, the innovative thinking led him to draw it.
“I presented the portrait of himself to him (the Vice-Chancellor) to show gratitude and appreciation the best way I know how,” he noted.
Arafat added that he received a lot of appreciation from the UDUS Vice-Chancellor after presenting him the portraits, this shows that the Vice-Chancellor appreciated and welcomed the beautiful work of art.
“I felt happy and fulfilled when the VC offered me a nice and warm handshake,” he expressed happily.
When he was asked whether the portrait was his first work of art or he had done some works before, he responded that he had done a lot of works before the VC’s portrait, because he started drawing right from his secondary school days.
“I have had a passion for it since I was in primary school,” he added.
When Arafat was asked how he strikes the balance between his artworks and his academics he replied that whenever he’s in school, he drops the art to focus on his studies.
He also added that he loves creativity and he can do anything that challenges him to think creatively.
“I make bags, clothes and I make caps too,” he asserted.
Arafat, however, encouraged his fellow students never to relent in doing whatever brings them joy and makes them feel alive.
“Art is beautiful and impressive, and I derive my joy in it. If there’s anything that you derive joy from, something that makes you feel alive, just do it,” he encouraged.

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