By: Lawal Daudu Musa

it’s an indisputable fact that Nigeria, ever since it became a sovereign nation in 1960 had been facing series of challenges ranging from the problem of insecurity ,economy depreciation, poverty and corruption among others

As customarily observed, this recurrent menace bewildering the growth of Nigeria ever since its inception is visible in every administration that has been in power up to this present administration.      

Undoubtedly,  president muhammadu Buhari administration also encounters the same challenges and it is quite glaring from the surrounding circumstances happening in Nigeria that the president has moved some commendable steps with a view to ending these challenges. A perusal look at some developments in his administration will suffice to testify that assertion.

Frankly speaking, with some of the achievements of this incumbent government,  multitude numbers of Nigerian citizens are expecting a tremendous success if the incumbent government is re-elected.
The belief burning in the mind of many is that, electing the incumbent government to run the government for the second time will pave a way for them to fulfil all the projects which they are unable to complete in their first tenure. It would be more lucid enough to say that if APC are re-elected again, all the ongoing projects, the promise to end corruption and the other promises made by APC administration would be fulfilled as promised.

On the other way round , their counterpart, party(PDP) have been making flimsy promises to the masses so as to persuade Nigeria citizens to vote for them. These promises have some segments of the society to be very anxious and believing same to be true if they are elected.

The promise made by both aspiring parties has left many to be curious on how the development of Nigeria will be if one of the two parties is elected. Suffice to ask that ,  will Buhari fulfil all his promise if he is re-elected? Or will Atiku Abubakar fulfil all the promises he made to the masses?. These  are   the questions begging for answer ahead the 2019 general election.

To this end, it is quite worthy to state at this juncture that,  the future of this great nation lies solely on ‘we’ the citizens. It will be advisable to look forward to continuation of progress and not flimsy promises,  the truth of which is not ascertainable nor certain.  Please vote wisely

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