Sinking deep recklessly into a despairing quagmire are multitudes of Nigerian students who can no longer put up with the trend of events as regards to the current industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU). Engrained at the canvas of their hearts is this ever burning, disturbing question : “When would this strike be called off”?

It’s barely two months that the ASUU has embarked on strike which has crippled the academic activities of virtually all federal universities. Thus,making a huge proportion of Nigerians predominantly idle. With no lectures to attend, no assignment to engage in and no project to run, students are faced with a very serious dilemma; they were sent parking out of the class as a result of the strike which has beleaguered their universities into erratic state.

Like flickers from a burning piece of wood ascending vehemently into the blue sky, the question: when would the strike end?, never cease to spark from the worried heart of the Nigerian student populace. However, in this midst of this strike, students should therefore strive to exploit their ‘idle’ time to engage in some things which would make them versatile in the future

Here goes a wise saying : Patience is a virtue. Judging by the present circumstance, this item called patience is something that must be cultivated and watered in the minds of the ever awaiting students.
Students should learn to sit still with a calm mind as events unfold. Students should understand that plaguing their minds with incessant worries would and can not change what is on ground.

Nevertheless , patience and laziness should not be intermingled. They are two facts that must always run at parallel lines as they never correspond.

No one knows when the whistle of victory would be blown and to avoid resting in the despond of laziness, prospective Nigerian students should prepare themselves  a nice and mouthwatering recipe of patience and hard work. They should quietly watch and at the same time engage their hands in duties that are deliciously and absolutely profitable.

This time should not be left to waste away effortlessly. Like money in a business bank account, it must be invested in activities that are beneficial, it must be spent wisely, it must be used in platforms that are marvelous. Nigeria students could pick up interest in creatives like: fashion and designing, photography, baking, writing, music, teaching, and so much more. Rather than allowing time to pass them, they should pass through time doing things that they would never regret.

On a final note, Nigerian Students should  shun idle talks, unnecessary arguments and gossips. They should also evade  from using their precious time to aimlessly surf around the blogosphere. Wisdom, they say, is profitable to direct.

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