By: Bello Suliyat

The Head  Of Sociology Department, Dr Jimoh Olaiya Amzat has charged the students to be part of beneficial extracurricular activities on campus.
He noted that it will be part of their curriculum vitae while seeking job.

He said this on Saturday, 6th of April 2019, while delivering a presentation on “Job inteview pitfalls and intrigues” at officers’ training organised by Rotaract club of Usmanu Danfodiyo University at Hall A130

Dr Jimoh explained that engaging extracurricular activities will  make students to be productive as future job seekers  and it will also add value to their curriculum vitae while seeking job, he said: “Students that engage in extracurricular activities turn out to be better than those who didn’t, don’t let the school pass through you, you have to pass through school a candidate that bags second class upper and engaged in extracurricular activities may be chosen before the candidate that bags first class in some cases. So if you think joining any PRESS CLUB or ROTARACT or JCI or ZERO TOLERANCE  will make you not to focus on your studies you are just deceiving yourself” he said

He further explained that engaging extracurricular activities will increase the experience of students which is one of the major factors which the employers used to consider while recruiting, he said,”What your employers look at is not only your class of degree,they also look at your experiences.Seeking job is a competition there are some people that engage in extracurricular activities and still have that first class that you are bragging of ,they will be chosen before you because they have experience” he added

He however, described proper dressing as one of the  factors that the interviewers usually consider during the job Interview ,”Your appearance is very important, if your appearance is not strictly corporate, you will be disqualified  from the interview, you can’t go for an interview with a native cloth, slippers, wearing faze cap, sunglasses and so on” he said

He added:
 “You can’t judge a book by its cover” but in this aspect you will be judged by your appearance, nobody wants to know that you are a first class student or the overall best student in your school if your appearance is not okay nobody will want to listen to you”
He also advised the students to be of good character and to be cognizance of what they post on social media, “You have to be truthful avoid over-confidence  and mind what you post on social media, sometimes you will be surprised that what is the connection between my social media with job interview,  but they  may want to know who you are through your social media handles”

He pointed out that one has to be courageous and bold enough to face the interviewers during the job interview, he said
“Maintain eye contact between you and your interviewers, contact with them, don’t let your emotion overcomes you and you should not shout at them talk to them in an orderly manner ” it is true that the best jewelry of a women is shyness but in this case you have to put it aside” he advised

He also explained that the interviewers may decide to inundate the interviewees with questions in order to test the level of their competence and patience, he said, :”the interviewers can ask you three questions at a time and from different person with the intention to upset you, so you have to answer them accordingly without dodging any of the questions” he said

He also advised the students to be punctual and to be time conscious, he described it as one of the pitfalls that has stumbled many Job seekers
He said :
“You have to be time conscious, because you can be disqualifed because of it, if they announce that the interview will start by 10:00am you will have to be there at least 2hours before the commencement of the program, it will show how punctual  you are, because punctuality is the soul of business”

He also enjoined students to be always upgrading their academic certificate by furthering their academic pursuit, he said:
“Academic improvement is also among  what fails many candidates,you  can’t be going around with a NCE or ND certificate that you have bagged since five to ten year and you are seeking job without progressing”

” In a situation where you went for an interview and you are a NCE holder and a degree holder or masters holder is on seat you can’t get a job through that” . So you have to improved your academic status so that it will of good benefit for you when seeking for job” He concluded.

In an interview with one of the participants Amzat Baliqis she described the training as a very educative program, he said:
“I really enjoy the program very well and I gain a lot from it ,I don’t have the courage to speak in public before but now I think I can really do it ,I really appreacite the effort of the chairman committee and I urge the club to please organize more of these so that we students will still know much about it”

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