Faruq Ibrahim Olaoti reports,
The maintenance department of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto has taken a laudable action of fixing the electricity at the MH1 lecture hall after PEN PRESS made a report a few days ago about the situations of the halls, but the blackouts at BO9 remains, awaiting maintenance department intervention and actions on it too.
However, the university has been known globally for its Arabic motto “Iqra” which means “Read”. On this basis, some certain attributes will be accountable for the no mean achievements in which the motto has promoted among the students of the school, one of it is electricity as it’s certain that, with blackouts here and there, the activities of reading by brilliant minds, mostly at nights, will reduce. In short, lights from electricity are what help the students the most to enjoy their academic pursuits and promote comforts for them on campus.
While reacting, students have expressed their dissatisfaction and have lamented bitterly over the situation. It has now become uneasy for students to study in a very dark place like BO9 or A20, as the blackouts which, in effect, resulted in the inactiveness of ceiling fans, have also made the buzzing mosquitoes extremely more numerous in which it’s now easier for any student to get disturbed or distracted thereby terminating studying, mostly at nights, for as long as the situation persists.
In this same case, resultingly, some students have been seen sweating profusely while studying with torchlight held on their heads like a hunter hunting in a lion’s den.
While the efforts of the management are applauded as lights were restored to Mh1 where excitement on the faces of the students who had abandoned the hall earlier for other classes can be noticed, this medium is still thereby used to plead with the management to take quick actions in restoring lights and fixing the fans also in the A10 and BO9 Halls.
Lastly, it’s pertinent for the management to note that these blackouts contribute largely to the health of the students. The more lights go off and the more fans in classes stop rolling, the higher the numbers of the mosquitoes will become, and consequently, it goes on leading to an increased risk of contracting malaria and all other forms of sickness or disease amongst students.

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