Olaoye Abdulrasheed reports,
The 200-Level students of Modern European Languages and Linguistics (MELL Department), Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, have expressed their gladness for receiving lecture inside the Language Laboratory, to witness the practical aspect of what they are being taught in class regarding ENG213 (English Segmental Phonology).
Pen Press gathered that the students were glad because they have not entered into the laboratory since the time they were admitted into the department of MELL.
However, the majority of them were eager to enter the place to know the practical aspect of what they are being taught in theory.
“We have been looking for a day which we are going to enter our language laboratory. Although during the last session that we did ENG113 (Spoken English), they informed us we would enter the language laboratory to know the practical aspect of our course, but were hindered due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” some students said.
Abdulroqeeb Mudathir, a 200-Level English student of the MELL Department also expressed his gladness over the initiative, noting that the students quickly understood what they were being taught in the language laboratory.
Adamu Lawal, a 200-Level student of Education and English, also felt delighted for receiving a lecture inside the laboratory, stated that he enjoyed the lecture more than that of a normal class.
“I am very comfortable with this lecture because the instrument we used to ‘practicalise’ the lecture made everything so interesting. I can’t express how happy I am today,” he noted.
Speaking with Ismail Olomada, a 200-Level student of Linguistics, he said: “There is a difference between taking lecture inside the laboratory and ordinary lecture hall, the laboratory contains everything which can make students understand everything that is being taught in class,” he noted.

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