Yusuf Abdulbasit Hozaifah writes,
Many of us take our health for granted, we are so preoccupied with our hectic life activities– works and family issues that our health seems less vital than many of our daily assignments.
Now, the fact about this subject is that we do take our health matters lightly until a day when we suddenly feel weak, fall sick and generally disturbed medically that we’re then unable to carry out our daily assignments due to the body discomfort. We then rush down to the hospital and later find out that the illness has been seriously getting complicated.
It’s all because most of us always take our health for granted. We always forget to focus on our health in our daily routine. No doubt, there is nothing more important than our health, though, wealth brings comfort and happiness, but we do forget that the greatest health is wealth.
What is referred to as health in the context of this article actually means many things aside from the opposite of illness, it also includes things we do just every day, like your ability to walk, use your hands, taste, smell, speak, hear and think smoothly. If all these are being affected in one way or the other, then the person’s health is already being hindered.
Once we are on a sick bed, be it in the hospital or at home, we then begin appreciating being mobile and feeling physically stable to do things, perform our several daily activities, sleep and wake up well without pain and discomfort. Health is only valued when we’re sick but we do forget to realise that prevention is always better than cure.
The key to superior health is nutritionally rich diets that endorse well-being and decreases the chances of diseases. Staying healthy is not only about taking medications too most times, there are some things we do with our bodies that we know they cause us harm and to our health, but instead of us to stop them with immediate effects, we still stick to them more while forgetting that health is always wealth and that if not prioritised, it means we’re already at loss.
To keep our health in a good state is a daily duty for us, otherwise we’d not be able to keep our mind strong and clear even in whatever we do. It’s clearly stated that the secret of success is found in our daily routine. Life itself will not change unless we change things we do daily without cautions of reconsidering general health.
Regular exercise, visiting doctors for medical check-ups and being sensitive to what is harmful to our health are things that will reduce the risk of illness. Health is one of the precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. Health is something we take for granted when we have it and make every effort for it when we it’s affected. Health is very important, the need for it to be prioritized is always pertinent and that is why it should also never be taken for granted.
Stay healthy and stay safe always.

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