Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed writes,
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto has been one of the leading Universities in Nigeria. It is the most peaceful University that promotes Education and awards certificates based on character and learning, making sure that the students seriously follow the Arabic slogan which means “Read”.
The infrastructure that will aid lecturers and students enjoy their academic pursuits such as walkaway; street lights and others are all provided and available in abundance here at Danfodiyo University and that is why learning is at ease.
However, something has broken the camel’s back and this has to be checked because it is of utmost priority and this is the issue of massive public toilets that the school does not have.
Many students of this prestigious University have cried out over the lack of public toilets as the ones at various faculties have been seriously abused without having the attention of the maintenance yet.
Last week, a fair lady from Education and Biology approached me and asked about where she could respond to nature’s call. I pitied her condition and dejectedly told her she had to still walk a long way to the Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies before she could do that.
The lady lamented that she was coming all the way from Shehu Shagari Market in the town and could not find where to drop her filthy things.
“I’m doomed,” the lady lamented as she looked here and there like a thief being chased by cops. She thanked me and quietly walked away.
Another student from the Faculty of Law, Bala, had to use the bush because he could not also see where to powder his nose too. Even the toilets in our faculty have also been abused badly by the students and the maintenance is yet to respond to our calls on them.
Bala expressed that if we had had enough of the public toilets on campus, maybe the Yarọ boys would not have dressed our nearby bushes with yellow kids from their stinking anuses.
Most students who live inside the school like Benjee, Miami, Adarawa, Sharma, and other nearby villages also find it hard to do because the main locale of the school setting is far from their apartments.
It will be a thing of disgrace to a student who does the thing on his or her body when she cannot control it again and it happens like that, nature is indeed an uncommanded commander. If this happens, not only the friends, course mates, onlookers, and passers-by will laugh at that person. The shame will be there till the sempiternal time
Therefore, I call on the Students’ Union Caretaker Committee led by Comrade Umar Mohammed Shamsudeen to please find something to do on this and his efforts will be applauded if successful.
Two or three of these public toilets at chosen places will be of high importance to the students and even those who visit the fabulous school.
These comfort zones will also aid us greatly because studying is cumbersome as a result of the clement weather which places the sun that gobbles your energy daily.
Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed is a 100-Level student of Law, UDUS. He is also currently the National Correspondent of Track News Nigeria, an autonomous press outfit that dispenses justice through journalism.

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