If a child did not witness a story, he would listen to narrations, if the narration is well documented, it is said to be the father of history.

The bush does not sway this way or that way, unless there is wind. The impact and contribution of some students while on campus cannot be pushed beneath the carpet just as the grass cannot deny the impact of the footsteps of an elephant.
The term  “influential” may seem controversial and should not be misinterpreted as “Popularity” but trust me! I’m not  drunk. It is what is in the heart when there is no wine in the head, that comes out when there is wine in the head. Either way, they were chosen. No termite ever boasts of devouring rocks, but they did. And you know, with smiles that gush out of passion.
There can be pages without history, but there won’t  be history without pages – oral or written, they are  both pages. To set the record and note these influential graduates for reference purpose, this writer gathers their names and inscribe them in an indelible wall.
This write-up delved into academic, political, social and philosophical uniqueness of the graduands.
Enjoy reading through as Nurudeen Akewushola presents to you the 30 most influential graduates of the 2017/18 academic session.
(30) Barakah Momoh
Malama Barakah though not that popular , she is one of the most outstanding female comrades.
She dedicated most of her time to MSSN activities, served and contributed to almost all committees of the association.

She came from lokoja and studies Fisheries.

(29) Khalil Abubakar Sadiq (Shugaban Gwagwarmaya)
The most popular hall governor hails from Kano, he studied Law.
Most people consider him the only Hall governor out of four in Zamfara because of his activeness and dedication to duties.
(28) Ishaq Sani Zango
One will wonder what the Katsina-Indigene Full Time Campus Politician studied because of his love, passion activeness and contribution to Campus Politics.
Though some said he never win any conventional election on campus, he has helped alot to reach their political goals at national and local levels in Campus Politics.
(27) Comrade Ayuba MAIKAJI

He is one of the political gladiators of Faculty of Agriculture, he distinguished himself like the JAGABAN of National Association of Agricultural Science Students that all aspirants must get his endorsement to win any office.
His hold to religious and sports made him unofficially, the Chief Imam of Muslim guys and footballers.
(26)Adebayo Kabir Bolaji
Though no student like “F”, for the purpose of this article, Adebayo Kabir can be described as F², for he’s friendly, famous  and popular.
He is a passionate stage actor who studied Law and won the 2018 grand mooting award.
(25) Nasiru Murtala Magoree
Just like Comrade Zango, Comrade Magori was a politician on campus, his ability to transform from Campus Politics to mainstream politics is one unique character that distinguished him amongst the 2017 EXCO.
He is a graduate of Chemistry and one of the political evangelists of the current governor of Sokoto State.
He has bagged several awards both on Campus and outside in politics and activism.
His ability to reshuffle the business enterprises of the Students’ Union while in office as the Sales and Business Director will forever remain in the books of history of Danfodiyo Aluta.
(24) Hon. Gana
Honourable Abdulkareem Gana hails from Niger State, he studied Medical Laboratory Science and served the Students’ Union as a Legislator in the 2017 assembly.
His contributions to debates, bills and legislative functions helped alot to strengthen democracy and good governance in the year.
He is one of the comrades that if given political chance can shape the legislative institution of Nigeria because of his unsentimental, unbiased opinions at the Students’ Representative Assembly in 2017.
(23) Zainab Bashir

Ms Zainab is one of the record breakers amongst the 2018 graduates. She hails from Katsina State and studied Physics.
Despite all odds, Ms Zainab who wasn’t a fan of the common form of reading -TDB graduated with the highest ever CGPA in Physics department.
(22) Umar Aminu Yandaki
The upcoming academic is an indigene  of Katsina state who broke the record to graduate with first class degree in History after three decades.

He was the Class Representative of his set from first year to graduation and have five articles currently published in national and international journals.
Most people who lived with him described him as humble and hardworking.
(21) Aliyu Jibril
The legal luminary was a one time campus journalist and full time unionist who held several posts in his faculty and state associations.
His leadership style and relationship with students from other faculties distinguished him among his colleagues.
He served as president of National Association Of Niger State Students among other posts in JCI and Gamji Press Club.
(20) Amamatu Aliyu Umar
Amamatu hails from Kebbi state, she graduated excellently from Faculty of Education.
Her patience and leadership qualities made her recognized by deanery of Student Affairs and Students Union as best female hall governor for the year 2018.
(19) David Adedokun
He is an indigene of Oyo state and a graduate of Veterinary Medicine.
He is a creative writer, Poet and a Campus Journalist.
He is the pioneer contributor to the revamp of the official journal of the Association of Veterinary Medical Students(AVMS) after fourteen years of its break.
He is also the winner of the  personality of the year award 2018(AVMS).
He is a regular contributor of inspirational quotes to the UDUS TODAY, a daily news bulletin by Pen Press UDUS.
(18)OMO Senator

Oyewole Ibrahim Olusola hails from Kwara state and he is a graduate of B.Ed Primary Education.
He is the former Welfare Director of Adult and Primary Education Students Association (APESA),
Auditor General of Kwara State Students’ Association (NAKSS).
He is popularly known for his indefatigable efforts to work with teams in achieving a distinct and unique goals of the union and better welfare of students
(17)Hon. Abdulrauf Abdulrasheed Anfani
The upcoming patriot studied Veterinary Medicine and hails from Sokoto.
He is one of the most outstanding legislators and orators on Campus, he was a member of the Hashidu-led legislative Assembly and contributed in most of the committees formed during that administration.
He is an advocate of people oriented policy in ensuring accountability that will guarantee free mini health care to students in hostel.
His persistent  effort to ensure success of House Committees made him unique and outstanding in the 2017 assembly.
(16) Muhammad Hassan Abdulmajid (Abu Fauzan)
Abu Fauzan is a clear evidence that profession is different from qualification.
He is an Islamic cleric who graduated from Microbiology department with distinct leadership style and an expert in conflict resolution.
Most people say he made MSSN more vibrant than ever before. He organized programs and initiated a lot of projects.
(15) Mukhtar Kabir Usman (Atom)
Comrade Atom is a unionist who held double posts in the 2017 Executive Council, he served as president of Biochemistry aside membership of other student bodies.
He hails from Kano State, resides in Kaduna and finds joy in contributing to humanity.
(14) Emmanuel Mathew Ichakanu (MC Expo)
MC Expo is a typical element of Wazobia,  he understands; Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo apart from his native dialect. This made him the best MC and most popular entertainer.
He resides in Kano and studied English Language.
His ability to maintain and cheer the crowd was recognized by enormous Students’ Association like Pen Press and SUG that they awarded him as best MC and was also awarded by Catholic Students as Most Social.
(13) Yusuf Lawal Atiku
The young farmer hails from Kaduna State and spent most of his days on campus fighting moral and financial corruption. This made some students tag him “Magu/EFCC”.
He contributed allot to different associations. He was awarded by his faculty students as most honored and Man of the Year by Zero Tolerance Club.
(12) Imam Fulani Abdullateef
The Ilorin base Fulani LLB graduate hails from Kwara State.
He is a journalist, an advocate and also a unionist that served many associations as Secretary.
In 2018, he was endowed with an award of honor by Ilorin Emirate Students Union.
(11) Dabo Mubarak Shuaibu (Sir Dabo)
He is a trained, qualified and professional campus politician.
Dabo hails from Kebbi and studied Political Science.
He served different associations in different capacities. His ability to control campus politics made Students’ Union crowned him as Face of Politics for the year 2018.
Sir Dabo was the political adviser and strategist to several political aspirants in UDUS including the current SUG president.
(10) Hameed Sodiq Ayobami (Sidex)

Sidex, as he is fondly called, is an academic par excellence despite his love for entertainment and sporting activities, he managed his time and schedules to be the best Student in his faculty.
He lead successfully the UDUS Vet Students to  2016 National Veterinary Quiz Competition amongst others.
(9) Sakeenat Musa Bawa

The graduate of Microbiology hails from Niger State.
She is a replica of Queen Amina of Zaria as she was able to ascend and maintain Rotaract Club’s throne of presidency.
She served as Indomie’s ambassador to UDUS amongst other roles in Student unionism.
She is a corporate dresser and eloquent speaker with creative leadership ideas.
(8) Ahmed Ibrahim (Nakowa)
The Nupe man hails from Niger State, He studied Mathematics, he served as Clerk of the House during the 2017 SRA assembly and was awarded in 2018 by Students’ Union as Campus Politician of the year and Aluta Balogun by Kwara State Students in 2018.
His written and unwritten contributions to Not Too Young To Run bill cannot be swept beneath the carpet as he participated in party primaries for state house of assembly seat to represent Agaie Local Government this year.
(7) Idris Sai’d Muhammad ( Countdown)
M. I Sai’d is a typist, an Islamist and a Unionist. He is an Excellent Microbiologist and was a journalist of Vanguard Press.
He served several associations as Secretary which include: Vanguard Press, NACJ and Final Year Muslim Students Forum.
He bagged several awards in his class and outside, some of which are; Personality of the year by Microbiology Students and most Informative Journalist in 2017.
His ability to resurrect Vanguard Press and weekly count down are amongst his legacies on campus.
(6) Aminu Hashidu Danjumma (Mr speaker)

He hails from Nasarawa state where he served as president of the National Body of the Students Association.
As a second term legislator, he served and was able to coordinate the Students’ Representative Assembly in 2017 as speaker.
Danjumma is the founder of Drug-free Nigeria.
He is simple, easy-going and hardworking, he was awarded by Medical Laboratory Science Students and also Eggon Students as most Outstanding Comrade in 2016 and was crowned as Most Effective Comrade by the Students Union in 2018.
(5) Habibu Bawa

The Kebbi indigene is well known for his persuasive and thought-provoking articles on Campus during his days as campus journalist.
He served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Pen Press and graduated from the Department of Microbiology.
He also served numerous associations as PRO, Publicity Secretary and Director of Publicity.
Habibu has clinched numerous ground-shaking awards as a journalist on Udus Campus.
He was in charge of UDUS TODAY, pen press Udus daily bulletin and he is the initiator of the Annual Most Influential Graduates List.
(4) Shamsuddeen Ma’aruf Yusuf 
popularly known as DENOVO, born and nurtured in Katsina State (Funtua) but he is an aborigine of Kwara state (Offa)
He is a first class graduate of Department of Histopathology, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science, UDUS.
He started as a campus political critique but later engaged in campus politics.
He has also held several posts while on campus  in several UDUS student associations.
He  has also bagged numerous awards based on his academic excellence; Joint winner of the 2018 NIMELLSA National quiz competition, Imo state; 2016 to mention but few.
He  is the first student to graduate with First class jinx in Department of Histopathology, FMLS, UDUS;
(3)Sunusi Ali Mailafiya (Comr Mailafiya)
Mixing politics, journalism and academics is somehow a hefty task, while others find it difficult, Comr Mailafiya is one of the few that dwelled  in both and excelled.
He studied Law in College before coming to the University to Study Islam, he is a teacher, a columnist with Leadership Newspaper, Human Rights advocate and public affairs commentator from Kano State.
He served as Assistant Secretary of SUG and Vice President of National Association of University Students- NAUS.
His mastery of campus politics made some students to nickname him as “Obasanjo” and was awarded by National Association of Agricultural Science Students as the most active SUG EXCO of 2017
He has contributed alot to students unionism both at local and national level with special recognition in NANS.
Though Comrade Mailafiya was never a Campus Journalist, most people don’t know he runs a column with LEADERSHIP News Paper tittled “HANGEN NESA”
(2) Jameelah Yusuf
The LLB graduate hails from Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. She is a typical Nigerian who lives with different people and understand basically different local languages.
She can be described as a versatile lady, a fashion designer, an advocate, activist and a journalist par excellence.
As a creative writer, Ms Jamylah broke the record to win the first Elcritical Writing Spree in 2015 and bagged the Youth Digest award for Gender Equality in 2017.
She served as Editor-in-Chief of Pen Press and PRO of Muslim Students Society
(1) Idris Mubarak Maibasira (Maibasira)
The immediate past SUG president hails from Niger State, he is a graduate of Economics.
Comrade Maibasira won election at the age of 19 when in 300L to be the president of the Students’ Union making him the youngest in record.
Though his administration is full of Social and entertainment programmes, there’s a wide belief that every Danfodite commended his administration for he restored and redefined Students’ Unionism on the Soil of UDUS.
Among his achievements while in office are; construction of Kofar Mata walkway with the help of UBA,  the first National Dialogue Series, First League of Past Presidents to mention but a few.
He was crowned by Sokoto Students as Aluta Sultan and Student Leader of the year by Campus journalists.
©Disclaimer Notice: Anybody who publishes  this article  without  giving the credit to  the writer and  the press outfit shall be penalized for plagiarism
Compiled by: Yahaya Nurudeen Akewushola, the 2018/19 Editor-in-chief of Pen Press UDUS
Twitter: @Akewushola001
Facebook: Yahaya Akewushola Nurudeen

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