Hayatullahi Abu Lubabah reports,
The Students’ Union caretaker committee of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, has commenced the production of UDUS sachet water to ease the affairs of students on campus.
The satchet water was unveiled today by the Students’ Union CTC Chairman, Shamsudeen Umar, noting that his priority is to care for the welfare of students on campus.
In an exclusive interview with PEN PRESS UDUS, Comrade Muhammad Shamsudeen Umar said that the rationale behind the innovation is to ease the affairs of students on campus, pointing out that the water is part of what the students consume most to survive in the sun city.
“We realise that students survive most on the water under this weather and with the hike in the cost of the sachet water, we decided to give it a trial, providing sachet water for students’ consumption at a very low cost,” he said.
When asked if the committee owns its water production factory, the chairman responded that they partnered with one of the factories in the town to monitor the progress of the innovation before considering owning their own factory.
He continued, “As for now, we partner with one company in the town, ‘Royal Table Water’ to see how things will go and how far it can bring ease for the students and the committee as well before we establish our own.”
Comrade Shamsudeen Umar also made it known to all Danfodites that the sachet water produced in their name ‘SU UDUS (CTC) 2021 EXCO Water’ and as part of their achievement, is now available at all SU shops on UDUS campuses (main, city campus and UDUTH) at a very low and convenient price.
“As part of our achievement, we have produced two thousand (2,000) bags of the sachet water and right from today, we have started distributing them to all the SU shops, starting from the main campus to the city campus and also UDUTH, for students to purchase one at the rate of five nairas N5 only. When the sales move, we will extend the distribution to those shops at the mini-mart too, but for now, students can buy it at the SU shops, either cold or not,” he said.
The chairman, however, disclosed that the committee is working to partner with a bakery in the town to also produce bread for the consumption of students at a very low cost.
“We also realise the hike in bread and the inconveniences it has caused for our fellow students on campus so far, before we plan to establish a bakery, we are trying to partner with one bakery in the town to be producing ‘UDUS BREAD’ for students to buy at affordable prices,” he said.

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