Abdulkareem Abdulrasheed Akere writes,
PEN PRESS Editor–In–Chief, Abdulrasheed Hammad, has charged the new PEN PRESS UDUS journalists to cultivate passion for journalism because only their passion for journalism and writing can make them succeed in the journalistic world.
He gave this charge during the first editorial meeting for the first semester of 2020/2021 academic session on Friday at the S.U secretariat building.
Abdulrasheed Hammad told the new journalists that they should not think that writing is something they cannot engage in. He made reference of some members of the PEN PRESS board who have made a mark for themselves in mainstream journalism. People like Yahaya Akewushola, Aayatullahi Abu lubaba, Abiodun Jamiu and others. He urged the new members to emulate them.
The deputy EIC, Promise Chisom Eze, also admonished every intending member not to take journalism for granted.
The principal editor, Hayatullahi Folorunsho Abulubaba, advised everyone to be consistent with writing and always read write-ups and articles even from other press board.
“To become a good writer, you must be a good reader” he said.

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