The Certificate/Testimonial verification process is a crucial step in the academic journey of students at tertiary institutions. This verification ensures the authenticity of students’ secondary school credentials and testimonials, such as original O’Level result, JAMB Result and JAMB Admission Letter among others.

The management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS) has started this exercise on 11th of September, 2023, where original credentials of students are screened and verified for authenticity. Students who have not met the needs for the verification (due to unavailability of original O’Level certificates among other reasons) and those who were absent during the days stipulated for their Faculties, have been assured of another scheduled date for their verification exercise.

However, while every student is expecting the memo of another verification schedule, there have been murmurs of discontent and calls to boycott this process among some students because of some reasons best known to them, thinking that boycotting the process would have no negative impact on their academic journey.

Explored below are some reasons why those students must not boycott this verification process:

Firstly, there’s what’s called “Assurance of Legitimacy”, the primary purpose of verifying O’Level and testimonial documents is to confirm the legitimacy of students’ prior educational qualifications. It is a critical measure to ensure that students entering the university possess valid and recognized secondary school credentials. By boycotting this process, students risk compromising the legitimacy of their academic journey.

This has been established by the Chairman of the Verification Committee, Prof. Inuwa, who revealed that any student who fails to participate in the verification exercise will regret the action upon graduation, when s/he’s not awarded his/her notification of result.

Secondly, academic progression and future career opportunities often hinge on the validation of O’Level certificates and testimonials. Many universities and employers require authenticated documentation for admissions and job applications. A boycott of this process can lead to missed opportunities for educational progression and employment in the future because whatever you hide now, will definitely be exposed later.

Another point is the University’s Credibility. UDUS’s reputation is intrinsically tied to the integrity of its admissions process. Ensuring that all admitted students provide verified O’Level and testimonial documents is a fundamental part of maintaining the institution’s credibility. If any student boycott this verification process now and later caught with unverified/forged credentials, it undermines the reputation of the university.

Also, this process is a means of Preventing Fraud. O’Level and testimonial verification serve as a protective barrier against document fraud. It is a proactive step to prevent students from submitting false or forged documents. By boycotting the verification process, the university may inadvertently encourage academic dishonesty.

Additionally, boycotting the verification process is against the best interests of UDUS students. Instead, students should recognize it as a crucial aspect of their academic journey, one that ensures the legitimacy of their prior educational qualifications. By participating in the verification, students safeguard their academic and career prospects, uphold the credibility of their institution, and contribute to the overall integrity of the academic system.

On a final note, the verification process is the gateway to a successful and honorable academic endeavor, and UDUS students should embrace it with conviction and pride, remembering that the university awards its certificate based on character and learning.

Hayatullahi Folorunsho MudathirE



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