Idris Ganiyat Olufunke writes,
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto(UDUS) is one of the universities established by the Nigerian government in September 1975 during the regime of Gen. Muritala R. Muhammed. It is situated in the North-West zone of Nigeria’s geopolitical zone, Sokoto State. UDUS was formerly called the University of Sokoto before it was renamed after an Islamic scholar who led the year 1807 Jihad known as Usmanu Dan Fodiyo.
The institution is known for peace because the university laid down the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of the students on campus. In addition to that, UDUS management frowns at bad behaviours such as cultism, hooligans, thuggery and other vicious behaviours, this makes the school to be known with peace and still maintain that peace until this moment.
Historically, UDUS is free from any record of inter or intra school violence since her existence is based on the righteous policies set by the management to maintain peaceful life on campus. The immoral dressing is prohibited on campus and dressing guidelines are laid down which prohibit the students from exposing their body parts.
The university authority is known with listening ears to hear out students’ problems, pains and provide solutions in a jiffy. For convenient and effective learning, adequate lecture halls and affordable halls of residence are available for the welfare of the students on campus.
There is tight security on campus for the protection of students day and night. This enables students to study hard because they are safe to move to and fro to any hall around the university even at the midnight. Insecurity is the main destruction of peace in a sane society but it has been conquered naturally on the UDUS campus which makes peace reign all day.
Furthermore, the management also ensures good health care for the students by providing adequate health facilities, like drugs, syringes, and a conducive environment for patients and doctors. The doctors and nurses work day and night in looking after the good health and well-being of the students. The lecturers make learning interesting and explicit to students; they always admonish students to know the reason ‘why’ they are in school and work for the best result of great value.
Similarly, UDUS is blessed with a high population of students of different backgrounds, tribes, ethnicities, religions and there’s absolute relative interaction and interpersonal relationships among them which enhance peace on campus. The institution doesn’t give room to tribalism, ethnicity, cultism, and other related terms that can disrupt the peace of the school.
The university (UDUS) award her certificate based on ‘character and learning’, this makes her students to be of good character because they all know that if they are caught with any vicious or unethical deed, they would be expelled from the university.
Finally, the above theme helps to remodel the students and instil knowledge in them to enlighten them on what can tarnish their image and reputation. The policy and knowledge admit the students to stay away from anything that can disrupt the peace of the university, so this also makes peace reign on the UDUS campus.
God Bless UDUS!!!
The Most Peaceful University In Nigeria

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