Ayoade Zariat Yetunde writes,
Stereotype is a social phenomenon that everyone has in one way or the other and regardless of gender or colour, even among women themselves.
In our society today, female gender are either attached to their husbands, boyfriends, male bosses and so on. Giving it a clearer picture that females are not doing well for themselves.
Once a fellow has something they lack, they begin a stereotypic attack on her, tagging her many filthy names.
If a woman gets promoted at her workplace, a crowd of people paints her, believing she got the promotion based on sleeping with the boss.
The case of higher institutions of learning is; “Her grades were good because she spent nights with the lecturers” and so on.
If a lady gets a new phone today, most people usually have the impression that her boyfriend bought it for her. This is so wrong and judgemental.
Regardless of the kind of work a lady does, people still tend to believe she can’t do anything by herself. If this is the case, what do we say about single mothers who live and raise their children themselves without an iota of help from any man? Many of them are doing well for themselves.
I once had an encounter with a lady who narrated how she lost her dad to police brutality when she was just 4years old.
According to her, her mother gave birth to four children in which she is the second child and since then, her mother decided not to marry again. She, (the mother) works as a cleaner in a private company, though the pay is not much, she manages to raise the children well without huge or meagre assistance from any man.
The first child is a graduate already, the second child is in her 3rd year at University. It was easy, more difficult than one might picture in mind, there are times the mother had to take out a loan just to cater for them and she always finds ways to pay back at the due date.
She endeavours to balance the swing on the elderly ones and younger ones. She bitterly mentioned how her mother was accused by her late father’s relatives that she is into prostitution because her means of survival was opaque to them, so much lost in the confusion of how she was able to raise them alone. What a conundrum!
All these negative mindsets and idiosyncrasies toward the feminine gender need to be changed.
Many females have been affected psychologically and emotionally due to the effects of the stereotype against them. In a society where there is enough we can do for ourselves as females, no one has the right to judge anybody or attach their wins to a man.
All these attacks on women need to be extinct. No one cares when a lady works herself off, does many a serious of extra time just to get a bonus pay, they only see her in her flashy clothes and shoes or cars, and the only thing they could think of is, she’s into prostitution or she sleeps with men for money.
No one knows when she burns a series of night candles while reading, taking coffee to cheat on sleeping hours in favour of knowledge acquisition. But when the results come out, she will be showered with weird commentaries as she sells herself for the marks. This is so heartbreaking and sad.
As females, we have much more to offer than what people can imagine. Being female doesn’t necessarily make us handicapped or a parasite that will have to depend on the opposite gender to survive.
In conclusion, females are strong, beautiful, awesome, and can withstand most pressures. Regardless of the circumstances, we rise!
All-female wins need not be attached to a man.

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