Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes,
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS) main library named, Abdullahi Fodiyo Library is a very conducive environment for reading and research. It’s a serene building with well-endowed structures and marvellous materials that trigger and aid learning. The library operators (librarians) are very active in performing their duties, they display red eyes to noises which is one of the most cacophonous barriers that can inhibit desirable reading. They are fervent in ensuring that the library laws are obeyed by the library users.
For a user (student) to enter the library, he must present his or her library identity card to the library officer at the entry, failure to display the I.D card will restrict him from entering the library. But this targeted circumstance has been erupting controversies daily where we would see the library officers and students who had lost their library identity card engaging in fierce combat.
The librarians, however, as a result of this cause, should be considerate with these victims during this examination time as this is the time they need the library services the most. While most of them have sought solace elsewhere as they’d prefer not to cause troubles in the library, it is consequently affecting them in their C. A test because their access to the library to study satisfactorily has in one way or the other been deterred.
This case needs to be addressed so that it won’t keep repeating as examinations are at the doorstep already. The librarians should be sympathetic and amiable by putting the students into their shoes. You may say they should be making use of classes to study but the difference between reading in the library and reading in class is utterly enormous. The noise pollution and disruption of electricity in the classes are something for another day to talk about.
The librarians shouldn’t forget that each student paid for library services. So, impeding such students from entering the library is tantamount to denying them from having access to their property as it’s what they had paid for. And as a matter of fact, no one will intentionally or nonchalantly throw away his belongings, but rather mistakenly. Some of the recent students in this situation lost their materials to the fire that gutted hostels a few weeks ago and some as a result of losing their bags to thieves, so this calls for considerate thoughts, sympathies and help by the library officers.
Nonetheless, a form of key identification such as Form 02 or a confirmation letter is supposed to be enough to grant them the opportunity to enter the library pending the time they are issued a new library I.D card. And to be blunt, having possessed a school identity card or confirmation letter, no other issues like a lost library I.D card should be a blockage to entering the library, since so far these students are in the process of getting another new one. The entire students will be glad if the provisions of this form of students identification can connote to a lost, misplaced library identity card and bestow them access to the library for ample reading towards their upcoming examinations.

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