Muhammad Abdullahi writes,

“Half a loaf is better than no bread.” This proverb means one should be faithful and grateful for anything they possess, even if it is not as much as it is wanted, something is always better than nothing, as the wise would opine.
Expressing gratitude is indeed one of the most crucial things that should define an individual. When you ventilate your gratitude to someone, if they didn’t give you more, then surely, they will feel fulfilled. Being grateful and faithful to a possessed property is a blessing that not everyone is blessed with. While being able to show gratitude, even when in a tight spot or a hole in another, another underrated and special blessing.
However, looking at who is below you is paramount more than looking at who is ahead of you as that’s one of the most notable ways of being able to remit or show gratitude to God or everyone else. It is also one of the easiest ways to receive your heart’s desires in a grand style massively from your God.
Certainly, some other people in their millions have no earthly chance to get a smidgeon of what you have. Why wouldn’t you be faithful and grateful for what nature has in one way or the other blessed you with? Vent your gratitude and get more!
Sadly, ingratitude to one’s possession is what had led many to their fall in life, others become worse mentally, emotionally and financially drastically as a result. Because to them, it’s not known that gratitude and faithfulness is a bedrock of elevation.
Ultimately, we should be faithful and grateful for what we have to receive more of what life has got in stock for us, and we by that means, should also always ventilate our gratitude to God, our merciful creator, and to all other individuals who might have been the reason behind the good life we live.

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