The hall IBB is a recreational hall meant for relaxation. It also has facilities for sports, Library and small canteen too. In this feature, PEN PRESS journalist, Promise Eze, went deeper to find out what IBB, popularly referred to as common room, is all about; what happens inside; who goes in/out.On the course, He found out that some go there to read, relax and steal.

Situated between the convocation venue and the jatau pathway, lies the conspicuous structure well patronised by udus students. Students from diverse departments and levels enter its compound every single day. Here are what they do:


Inside the males’ section, this reporter gets to hear the opinions of several common room visitors. Most of them argued that IBB  serves as a recreation spot for students and some think otherwise.
Abiodun, a 300 level student of mathematics department is a frequent visitor at the centre, he explained in an interview session with him;

“I come here to relax and to charge my phone,” he says. “I’m attracted by the fans and I’m also here to chill,”

“I do come here to sleep,” Ahmed Yusuf a 300 level student from computer science said.

“Just take a look,” he gestures at some students sleeping comfortably couches, majority of us come to take a short afternoon nap.”

The fans, electric sockets for plugging electric devices are not just factors that attract students but they are what they actually seek.

 “The electric supply here is constant and is a good reason for people to trickle in frequently” Yusuf believed strongly as he inserted a white head phone into his ears. He enjoyed some good music under a fast rolling fan.

‘To Study’

The university has a functioning and well equipped library. Sits behind the Library is the IBB Centre. But one can find people who choose IBB as a perfect reading venue.
Vincent, is an example, He’s a 200 level student of Biochemistry  department, in his words, Vincent oftentimes visits IBB to study before or during the examination period.

“I come to read and I do see people troop in during the examination periods, for me It’s not compulsory to read at the library. It depends on where you feel comfortably,” he argued.

However not everyone agreed to that as some still believed that the IBB centre was built on recreational purpose.

Oronla Abass said,  that the IBB is strictly meant for fun. The 400 level student of history posited that it was purposely and specifically constructed to serve as a relaxation spot for students. “I do come here to relax, refresh, play games and when I don’t have lectures I go back to my hostel. It is a good place for students,” he said

On whether it’s comfortable for student to read at the IBB, he continued

“Well, one can read here, but this is not a library. I don’t advise people to read here except they find it convenient, considering the rowdy and noisy atmosphere.”

Hide and Seek

After deep look and investigation, it’s noted that the Centre meant for fun and/or reading, is also a spot for perpetrators in carrying out their ill-game. Many come to steal phones and laptops.
A friend to one of the Victims, Oronla Abass cried.

“My friend was once a victim of phone theft,” he said.

He continued the narration with a pity-worn face

“We strolled here together from the mini mart and we were so tired. He plugged his phone and subsequently, we fell asleep. By the time we woke up, the phone had disappeared but the charger was still dangling on the socket.

Stealing is common here, person has to be vigilant. He added.

Security Part

Abubakar, the security personnel at the reception confirmed Abass’ statements. “Yes, people come here to steal phones. We have had several cases and it happens frequently during the examination period,” he told this reporter. He went further to explain the role of security personnel at the common room.

“We maintain law and order here. The IBB is divided into two compartments. One for males and the other for females and we do try every possible best to maintain orderliness. He expressed.

He also explained that some students had been caught hugging and pecking themselves — an act the school frowns at very seriously.

“Some students hug and kiss themselves here and the security  do all they can to avoid this. You know, you have students from different background here and that’s why we are here,” he said.

So next time when you visit the common room feel free, relax, eat, play and  mingle with your fellow students but don’t forget to keep an eye on your properties, most especially your phone. He concluded.

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