By: Abiodun Jamiu

On 5th February, the management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto posted a notice of an approved list of students whose statement of results were ready. For the department of microbiology; tears of joy flow, happiness soak right into their marrows, the journey of a new order begins beyond the four walls of a lecture hall.

But for Naziru and his colleagues, who are graduates of the department of microbiology, graduating from the university would be a dream come true. They did graduate, but not certified. Distraught, months after the first batch of the statement of results were released by the university management, comprising of about thirty-three students( according to the 2019 Senate approved list for the department of Microbiology) out of a total of one hundred and fifty-six students, and have been mobilised for NYSC, while the remaining batches of the department remained unresolved.

In Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, graduates have to collect a statement of result before they could be mobilised for NYSC. However, it is common for graduates to spend months after graduation without collecting statement of results. And without the statement of results, graduates are denied the opportunity of embarking on the next line of action such as mobilisation for NYSC, job offers or further studies which most often required statement of results or certificate.

“It was unfortunate that more than two months after the issuance of the first batch of our department statement of results, ours is yet to be ready.” says Naziru

Despite meeting with the departmental Exam officer, Mallam Auwal Gambo on different occasions, he was told the results are still under processing and urged the graduates to exercise patience. Without a way forward, Naziru is left with no other option than to return back to his state, Kebbi state, after months of waiting.

“I contacted our department examination officer, Mal. Auwal Gambo and two other lecturers, their responses are always similar. They told me that we should exercise patience saying ‘only Allah knows because I can’t predict what would happen tomorrow or next tomorrow. I will only advise you to exercise patient and pray’. I have thus returned home.”

Speaking on how the delay has affected him, he expressed dissatisfaction with how results are delayed noting that apart from not being mobilised for NYSC, he has lost job opportunities because he could not provide prove that he is a graduate.

“This is the most painful. Apart from missing NYSC, I have missed more than three state government job offers and one private company job offer.

He continued: “I cried for missing these hard opportunities because I know how competitive the labour market is. The people that provided the offer required my statement of result as a prove that I am a graduate of a university as I claimed with nysc certificate to be provided in the next three years of working in the organization”

“I have an iota of doubt if the delay is from the school management. A significant number of students from nearly all the departments have collected their statement of results in due time; that shows how committed the management is. However, if only a meagre number of departments failed to have their students results ready, it is questionable! What exactly is the problem?” Questioned, Ibrahim Abdullah Dalhatu, another graduate of Microbiology.

Ibrahim lamented that he could not meet up with the deadline to apply for a scholarship for his master’s programme due to the delay of the statement of results.

“I missed an M. Sc scholarship as I have no result at hand. I have being telling my friends, relatives that I’ve graduated, but unfortunately I have no proof.”

Another graduate who declined to be identified for fear of victimisation lamented the recurring delayed of results in the varsity. She asserted that lack of adequate staff is another factor militating against prompt release of results in the varsity.

“The system is not only slow but totally inert. We finished exams in August but results were not released at departmental level till November, some have to wait till February when the strike was suspended. Honestly, there is the need for adequate staff in the department and the school in order to fast-pace the release of results.”

She, just like her colleagues, was also told the usual anthem “Have you not seen all your results? Just be patient or We have submitted your statement of results for vetting, just be patient”
When this reporter met her, she was disturbed, her expression was frailing. She lamented that her relatives have started having a second thoughts about her Education. she has not been able to provide the notification of results which validated her graduation.

Nafi’u Yahuza, who graduated from computer science, expressed dissatisfaction with how issues of delayed results have been a recurring menace in the university. He lamented that the delay of the results have rendered him idle. “I am disappointed on how the school management is handling this issue. Had it been I have been given my statement, I should be serving my dear country. Instead, I am here stuck at home.”

For Sanusi Malami, he hoped to apply for a Master’s programme, but said that the inability to get his statement of result has truncated the plan.

Beyond the affected graduates, the issue of delay in the release of students results still persist. First semester results of students are often delayed until mid second semester or sometimes second semester break.

Lawal sofiyat, a 300 level student of physics, bemoaned the delay in the release of results. She noted that the delay often make students indecisive on course registration.

“To me, the delay is to instill fear in the mind of students. Imagine a second semester result released almost in the mid semester of another academic year. This single act alone make students to delay their course registration because they are not sure of the outcome of the last exam they did.”

Yunus Olaitain, a 300 level student of Fisheries, relayed that the delay cost him an undergraduate Scholarship programme because he could not provide his CGPA slip when he was in his second year. He added that students often missed  scholarship opportunities due to the age-long tradition of delay in the release of results in the University.

“I was unable to complete my registration for a Total scholarship because I was waiting for my GP slip which would only be given once all the results have been released. I could not beat the deadline for the registration due to the delay.”


The Head of Department, Microbiology, Dr Abdullahi Bako Rabah, disclosed to Pen Press UDUS that the department does not issue statement of results to deserving graduates but only to send results to the university management ( Academic Division) for approval. Authoritatively, Dr. Rabah noted that the department has done her responsibility and the delay is not from his side.

“It is not our duties to issue results. Ours is to collate and send to the management for vetting which we have done. It is only when the results need some corrections that it may be sent back to the department for moderations. If  the results are okay, it would not be sent to the department. From there, it would be sent to the Vice Chancellor for his approval.

He continued: “As far as the department is concerned, we have done our responsibility. If there is any delay in the release of the results, it is from the Academic Division.”

Speaking further, the HOD clarified that the delayed results were those sent back to the department for corrections, and which have been rectified. He, however, expressed optimism that the statement of  results would be ready soon.

“Immediately after the strike, there was call for results submission by the academic division, and those submitted were the first set of students that got their statement. But, those having hiccups were sent back to the department.”

When contacted, the Dean Students’ Affairs, Prof. Aminu Mode, declined speaking on the issue, saying he is not in the best position to speak on issues regarding statement of results. He directed this reporter to the office of the Head, Exams and Registrations

The head, Exams and Registration, Dr Ibrahim Magawatta, asserted that the delay is due to the workloads of the just concluded convocation ceremony which kept the vice Chancellor round the clock. He, therefore, assured that the statement would be released soon.
“The vice Chancellor was too busy during the convocation week. Therefore, he could not sign anything. There are over hundred students from the department, but we have signed everything here and it will be issued very soon.”

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