By:Amuzat Selimot Romoke,400level Botany

The truth about life is generally on Jaunt. I pray for its safe return from that journey,so that deeply in my heart the belief of “this is 21st century” would actually wipe away.
 It has been a  perpetual occurrence whereby insanity would be referred to as civilization of the 21st century. I wonder when this 21st century generations  choose to be a subject of destruction to the good deeds of the past centuries.

 “As I woke up in the morning, to answer the calls of my domestic chores, just to step outside, I was really flabbergasted at the sight of an earth-shaking crowd. What is the matter? Was the question that crossed my mind, because it is very unusual. I moved a bit nearer so as to have a glance. On reaching to the point, I could not bear taking a glance,but to abandon what I was about to do,till further notice”.

” It was a woman, lying helplessly at the side of the gutter with two children,breastfeeding one and the other lagging behind looking innocent.
Where  the pride of womanhood is? Is it on the jaunt too? I felt discontented when I heard that she had drunk to the state of stupor earlier in the morning to the extent that she could not walk alone, strolling around,constituting nuisances around the neighborhood and finally fell in a gutter. People from every angle gathered including child and adult, male and female to have a look at what is going on”

“Some minutes later, her family showed up and started laying curse against her. They later carried away the kids and abandoned her till she regained her consciousness. She lay there helplessly talking gibberish as she enjoyed the way people were making mockery of her. People gathered to catch fun as one woman amidst the audience came out with an idea that they should pour  water on her so that she could regain her consciousness. Many people rushed to do that because they were enjoying it,but yet the woman did not wake up, as that was when she started enjoying her sleep in the pool of dirty water”.

“Eventually, the audience were bored and they started leaving  one after the other, until everyone  disappeared from the scene.
Despite, I kept  waiting quietly around a corner to see the next miracle”.

“Ten minutes later saved my soul as I was already getting tired of watching a dead dog when two ladies who claimed to be her relatives showed up and helped her up. She was then escorted  her to her husband’s house”

 I felt so bad with this incident,despite the fact that a woman is known to be naturally fragile. Our uniqueness makes us have special regard in the society. So,where is it nowadays? Where is the pride of womanhood? Where is the respect? The answer to this question is not far fetched. This is because,women nowadays do not choose to value the pride behind  being a woman which portrays us as a special being in the society. An adage says:
“The way the owner of a calabash called h/her calabash,that is how the people will call it for him” which has aptly defined the crux “self respect”.

The pride of womanhood is not lost, it can be maintained by women  through the act of decency and self respect

Women of today should abstain from deviant behaviours that can tarnish the image of being a woman, and let’s live our natural life with decency,so as to uphold our pride and respect in the society.

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