By : Gobir Habeeb

From  time immemorial, musicians are to a large extent  considered as one of the most valuable assets used in entertaining and cheering up colourful event. In fact, many great music at times serves as a weapon for educating, entertaining and preaching a decent life to the public. Undoubtedly, music has played a leading and  important role in reforming and entertaining the world at large.  This writeup is however aimed at dishing out the impact and challenges that the public are facing as a result of music in our contemporary world of today.

Fellow Nigerians, please let be frank with one another .  What message or lesson are we receiving from today’s music?   What flavour or colour did today’s music added to our lifestyle rather than unethical and indecent practices. To what end did you think today’s music is making a leading us?

Gone are the days when music is used as a tool to entertain and reform the life of the listeners. When music are used to preach a decent life and inject into the listeners, the spirit of brotherhood. But what are we having today? What today music preaches now are indecent behaviours. Music are used today as an agent of destruction of peace and serene society. Music are being used to preach indecent practice through unethical lyrics.

Frankly speaking, the rate at which our today’s youth are engaging in music is quite alarming. This is predicated on the fact that, music industry is one of the most trending and mind blowing entertainment industries we have today. Most of the youth now  has seen and considered  music as an alternative for them to live a luxurious life.  This is premised on the fact that, majority of this musicians are known to be living a luxurious and flamboyant lifestyle throughout their career. This and other reasons arose and promoted the interests of a vast numbers of the youths to engage in music featuring both talented and average artists.

The legacies that our musicians of today are leaving behind are not worthy of emulating . The lifestyle of our top musicians are not appealing to eyes in anyway. They live a rugged life and create a bad impression about being a musician.

It very saddening and disheartening that most of this youngsters follow the pace of their predecessors. Most of them  copy the lifestyle of these top musicians most especially, the one they love among them. in line with that; if any of them should  fans a drug addict, factually he his bound to smoke weed and other hard drugs . All in the name of modeling their lifestyle in a way to suit that of their superstar.
This indecent attitude, coupled with series of bad influence often destroy the dream of most of this youngsters.

It worries my conscience whenever  I see youth on social media smoking weed and other illicit substances all in the name of modern trend. The belief burning in their mind is that, before you can be a good singer, you must be high. This wrong belief of theirs, often destroy the dream of most youths in music industries. A vast numbers of young talent had been  victim of drug abuse and ended up  in unlawful act all in the name of being a musician. Some of them, as a result of living a rugged life ended up in  illegal acts, which in return shattered their dreams.

The problem of our youth in the field of music lies solely on their quick for fame and money. Majority of them want to be living the life of a star in no time. Just a single hit from a youngster, his lifestyle will be in jeopardy.

I don’t know, is music all about being a rugged? Must you be rugged before becoming a musician? Are there not decent musicians in the past ?   Music is meant to promote and develop a serene society. To extract talents among the youth.
Music is meant for public consumption and as such, there is a great need for our musicians to ponder out decent and educative lyrics. Music  that tends to corrupt the life of the public by brainwashing them with immorality should not be allowed and same must be allowed to go into a total extinction.

The kinds of music to which humans are exposed to, determines the balance of their souls. Hence, if one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person. Conversely, if one listens to the right kind of music, he tend to become the right kind of person.

At this juncture, it is very essential  for both the youngsters and the elite musicians to fashion their lifestyle in a way that suits the positive needs of the society. Their lyrics should be seen  as a machinery to  educate, entertain and finally, to reform and not to deform the life of the listeners

Gobir Habeeb Bolaji is a 300level student of Faculty Of Law  and a journalist with PEN PRESS UDUS

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