By Promise Eze

THERE’S time for everything under the sun and to the just admitted students this is the time to study, and detouring from this path would land them into the deplorable quagmire of agony and regrets.

Dear admitted students this is the time God has destined for you to focus on your studies. This is not the time to look for who to love or how to be loved. This is not the time to build unnecessary friendships. This is not the time to be a pleasure seeker. This is not the time to wear nice clothes or live in luxury. There would be time for these things tomorrow but in the calendar of your life this time has been marked for you to make the best of your life and you can only do this in the few years you have to spend in UDUS.

UDUS is not an institution that condone laziness or foolishness. UDUS is not for the confused. UDUS is not for those who take pride in languidness or lazing about pursuing ignoble tasks and nonsensical frivolities. UDUS is for those who are ready to bend their heads over their books at all times. UDUS is for the focused. UDUS is for those who know what they want in life and are ready to do everything good to get it.

You were admitted to study and not to come and smoke weed, to be a marlian or to play ten-ten. You were not admitted to cook fried rice. You were not admitted to dance skelewu. You were not admitted to play ludo. You were not admitted to have fun. You were not admitted to play football. You were admitted to study so that you can make your life, your family, society and Nigeria better. I pity those who would forget their purpose in school and swing their bodies to the songs of the condemned. I pity those who would bob their heads to the tune of distractions. You will be the biggest fool of the century if after securing admission which is hard to find you make a mess of it at the end. I’ll suggest you shouldn’t even have written JAMB in the first place if you know you won’t study your books.

As a 300 level student who has drank from the cup of boko, I think I’m in the right position to advice you. Let me inform you that you must mind the company you keep. Not everybody is willing to graduate with flying colours. Some are just in school to pass time. There are students who are not interested in whatever concerns academics. Make sure you stay away from those ignoramuses. Moving with fools will make you a bigger fool. Follow those who have the passion for books. Hang around with people who want to succeed. You’ll be a condemned idiot if you choose to waste the efforts of your parents. I have to warn you now but I’m afraid many will not heed this warning.

I welcome you to the MOST TOUGHEST UNIVERSITY in Nigeria. I welcome you into the seat of the caliphate. But be advised, if you lose focus you’ll cry mucus.

Promise Eze is a journalist, a writer, a teacher in the making and the Vice President (outreach) of the Students For Liberty Africa, UDUS.

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