By: Abdulrasheed Hammad

There are different kinds of graduates all over Nigeria, some passed through the school while the school passed through others. The graduates that passed through the  school are the ones who have made tremendous achievements while on campus because of their hard work, dedication and perseverance through out their undergraduate years.

These graduates didn’t only acquire degrees in their respective fields, but also gained additional skills to their certificate. They have all contributed in one way or the other to the development of the school, albeit it not being easy to juggle that and academics. These lot however bested that uneasiness and it is only natural if they get recognised for it.

The most influential graduates of the year doesn’t mean that they bagged first class or are the valedictorians of their individual classes, no, while academic excellence remains a commendable feat, it takes beyond that to be tagged influential. These set of students have breached that confine of excellence in academics, and have extended it to excellence in other significant areas.  This is as a result of the service they have rendered while they were still an undergraduate and their distinctive qualities which make them influential among other graduates.

The essence of this compilation is to challenge those who are coming behind to try all their possible best to make impact in school and contribute their own quota as an undergraduate, and to also commend the efforts of these graduates for their dedication and perseverance towards achieving their goals and objective.

This article examines academic performance, political/journalistic experience, social and philosophical uniqueness of these graduates.

Sit down, relax and read through this article as Pen Press UDUS presents the 20 Most Influential 2018/2019 Graduates Of UDUS.

(20)  Musa Kudu Muhammad

He is a vibrant advocate, and a potential lawyer.

Musa Kudu is one of the graduates known for investing his time in teaching his juniors.
He has held many posts In the faculty of law; he was the immediate Former Ameer NAMLAS, an indefatigable principal partner of ECOWAS chamber and other numerous posts.

He was awarded the most active Principal Partner in his Chamber and was given merit award by the LSS Judiciary.

He is a tutor, teacher, mentor, a potential lawyer who has made enormous contributions in reviving and training his colleagues and juniors in the faculty by tutoring them in order that they be successful in their academics.

(19) Muhammad Abdulrahman

Muhammad is a gentle and jovial person. The popular editor Of Adaleel Press board hails from Kebbi state and studied Computer Science.

He has served different associations while on campus and has bagged different awards both in school and outside the school campus.

He is a muslim writer who devoted his time to enlighten Muslims on their religion with his pen, and has done immense contributions to the development of Adaleel press board.

(18) Bashir J. Sulaiman

Bashir J. Sulaiman is a gentle guy. An enterperenuer, who was born and raised in Kano state. He is a graduate in Botany.

He has served many associations on campus and has bagged different awards. His writing skills got him to serve  as Sec Gen of different associations and also earned him a 2nd runner up position in the prestigious El-crictical writing contest 2019, and Student Enterperenuer of the year in the same year.

His contributions in reviving the spirit of Aluta in order to reshape the minds of many potential graduates to acquire a skill is his major achievement while on Campus.

(17) Usman Jibril

Usman Jibril was the Magu of UDUS, whose sole intention was to fight corruption on Campus. He hails from Kebbi State/Shang and he studied Sociology.

He is the immediate past President of Zero Tolerance For Corruption Club, UDUS and also served as the Sec. Gen of his department while he was on Campus. At the end, he bagged a merit award from ZTC UDUS.

His major achievement is his contribution in the last SU election, which is so far the most credible, free and fair election. A laudable feat which is majorly credit to the influence of the ZTC under his leadership.

(16) Abdulrahman T. Yahaya

Permit me to introduce to you a young graduate from MELL department, English unit. He is a writer, editor, journalist and linguist. He was born and bred in Niger state.

He was once the Editor In Chief Of News Digest Press Board and the Principal Editor Of the motherboard: NACJ. He has won several awards on campus in the field of jounalismz such as first runner up in Pen Press’ El-crictical writing contest.
Abdulrahman is as well the valedictorian of his class.

His contributions to the development of the school cannot be overemphasised, and his writings have done tremendous impacts on the lives of students.

(15) Ghazali Yakubu

Ghazali Yakubu is one of the most influential presidents UDUS has ever had. While on campus, He was the LSS President.

The Jigawa born student has served many associations, most especially in the Faculty of law and has bagged numerous awards on Campus and also served as the PRO in different associations.

Amongst the awards are a merit award from Law Student Judiciary and an award of excellence from the LLB Class, 2019. His major contribution is his efforts to ensure the abridgement of calendar for final year law students, in order to prevent them from staying at home for a year before going to Law school.

(14) Amzat Selimot Romoke

Selimot is a writer, journalist and public speaker. She is a graduate in Botany.
Born and raised in Osun state / Iwo city, Selmot served as the Vice President Of the National Association Of Campus Journalists (NACJ) and Financial Secretary at Pen Press UDUS concurrently.

She has bagged different awards while on campus such as winner of the Best Campus Female Journalist Of the year JOA Award 2018, and also second runner up in El-critical Writing Contest, 2019.

(13) Murjanatu Alkali 

Murjanatu Alkali is a beautiful young lady. She is a graduate in Sociology. Not minding how demanding the course is, MJay as she is fondly called juggles writing short stories, poetry and public speaking. She is in fact an author of several books amongst which is the acclaimed novel “The Eyes of the Spinster”.

A Kebbi born and raised feminist, MJay during her undergraduate days served as the Sub-Editor of Pen Press Udus and has numerous awards to her name. Ranging from “Most Influential Writer of the Year” to NAPSS’ “Award of Kindness”.

Aside from being a page poet, she is also a seasoned Spoken Words artiste, notable for her sonorous voice which has held in awe a towering crowd at different lecture spaces in school. Miss Murjanatu is in this list because of the representation she has given to the girl-child in UDUS.

(12) Idris Manzuma Ibrahim

He is a mentor, a legal Jurist and a legal Pundit. He is the former Chief Judge Of LSS Judiciary. He hails from Kwara state/Lafiagi.

He is a graduate of law and has bagged two different awards in LSS Judiciary, the first  award is the : Award of Merit as Chief Magistrate in 2018 and Award of Excellence as Chief Judge in 2019 by Law Students Society Judiciary LSSJ.

His contributions towards training potential lawyers on the knowledge of procedure, and his tremendous impact in reviving the spirit of the students towards moot court and mock trial is his major accomplishment while on Campus.

(11)  Bashir Umar

He is a God fearing person, a man of intellect and honesty who happens to be the former Ameer MSSN. He is a graduate in Law faculty and he hails from Zamfara state but lives in Borgu Local Government, Niger State.

As an Ameer of MSSS, he has contributed immensely to the development of Islam on Campus and is one of the vibrant and honest person we have on Campus. His major achievement while on Campus is his ability to inculcate Islamic principle in the life of Muslim Students.

(10) Hauwa Musa Alhaji

She is a young muslimah, a God fearing person, she is a writer, public speaker and erudite editor. She hails from Niger state and studied Biology.

She is the immediate former EIC of Vanguard Press Board and she has participated in many debates and Quranic competition.

Her contributions towards developing the female students and her tremendous efforts to develop the writing skill of the Vanguard Press members is what has earned her a slot in this list.

(9) Dauda Ayomide Onawola

He is a hardworking and dedicated man who served his association with all his time and strength. He is a young man from Kwara state who studied veterinary medicine but also acquire additional skills to his field of study.

He has served many association as an editor and he has bagged several awards both in Nigeria and outside the country.

Some of these awards include: Best Poet, 2017 (Pen Press UDUS), Second place winner, AVMS Essay Competition, 2017 (AVMS UDUS), Best Ambassador for IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education, 2018 (IVSA), Second best Ambassador for IVSA Standing Committee on Veterinary Education, 2019 (IVSA), Best Junior Ambassador, World Organization for Animal Health, 2018/2019 (OIE).

His contributions in inculcating in the minds of his fellow veterinarians to acquire a skill besides their discipline, is one of his greatest achievements as an undergraduate in UDUS.

(8) Attairu Haruna

Allow me to introduce to you a young, vibrant eloquent graduate from Faculty of Law; A man of honour and integrity. He is jovial and approachable. Attahiru Haruna was born and hails from Kwara state.

He has won many debates and bagged many awards because of his courage and ability to convince people with his confidence and evidence.

He has held different positions on campus. He was an amiable Principal Partner of Amina Augie Chamber, Facilitator Caliphate Law Clinic and Social Director Of The National Association Of Kwara state Law Students.

He has bagged different awards and his contributions to revive the spirit of the Amina Augie Chamber in faculty Of Law is among his enormous contributions to the development of Chamber.

(7) Mubarak Muhammad Altine

He is a Political Icon, a great Pharmacist. He is the first President from UDUS to become the National President of Pharmaceutical Science Of Nigeria. He was born in Sokoto State.

He has served many associations and received awards of recognition from the different associations he has served. He was once the Welfare Director Of Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Student, Financial Secretary Sokoto State Pharmaceutical Students’ Association and the youngest president to serve as the National President Of Pharmaceutical Science Of Nigeria. (PANS).

He has done a galactic work in the field of politics and he also brought the idea of the clinical presentation which SOSPHAMSA do organise bi-weekly and has guided several students in their early days in school.

(6) Ibrahim Shehu Kalgo

He was the former SU president In Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He is a vibrant comrade, who hails from Kebbi State, Kalgo Local Government.

He is a political gladiator who was once the Students Union PRO 2016/2017 and has bagged unique awards among his counterparts. He bagged the award of Political Icon in Faculty of Science and Most Efficient Comrade Award from Microbiology department.

His immense contributions towards developing UDUS while serving as President cannot be overemphasized and student welfarism was his first priority while he was serving as SU President.

(5)  Islamiyat Muhammad Bello

Islamiyat Muhammad Bello is a respectable lady because of her courage and eloquence in public speaking. She was born and hails from Kaduna/Kaduna North.

Islamiyat Bello who is a graduate in Law, UDUS has bagged many awards and also served different associations both in the school and in the faculty of Law. As a giant lady, she has represented faculty of Law in different debates and always came out victorious. She is also among the famous hall governors in female hostel.

She is a good public speaker and bagged many awards while on campus such as “Student leader of the year” awarded by Pen Press UDUS, Overall winner of the annual “Life After School” competition by JCI 2019 and has served different associations while on Campus such as member of the committee on food SRA of SU,  member representing faculty of law, SRA Of SU Director, Training Caliphate Law Clinic to mention but a few. Despite her active involvement in extra-curricular activities, she emerged one of the best graduating students in Law Faculty, which recently earned her the Boyi Dikko Memorial Scholarship.

(4)Maryam Abdullah

Maryam Abdullah is one of the most vibrant women on campus. She is a public speaker, feminist, writer and courageous woman. She Studied English Language.

As a writer, she has bagged many awards on Campus and has held different positions.

Some of these awards include: Female Journalist of the year” News digest award 2018, and the famous National News Digest Award for Gender Equality 2018 and Youth digest Award, Campus Journalist of the year 2018.

She has served as the Principal Editor at News Digest Press Board and also served as a Member of Elcom while on Campus.

She is a writer and activist who always encourages female students to engage in Campus Journalism and has made tremendous positive impacts in the lives of female students.

Miss Maryam Abdullah is our most influential female graduate of the year due to her immense effort in the development of Gender Equality, Girl-Child Education and Journalism at large.

(3) Muneer Yaqub

He is one of the veteran journalists on Campus. He is a reader, a writer, a journalist, a satirist and a Microbiologist. He hails from Oyo State.

He was the Former EIC of Adaleel Press Board and also immediate past president of the National Association of Campus Journalists (NACJ).

He has bagged numerous awards and his works has been published both on local and international Newspapers. His works have had  numerous tremendous impacts in UDUS—especially the activities of Students’ Union  and his contributions to develop Campus Journalism on Campus is one of his achievement while on Campus.

He bagged the award of the NACJ feature writing contest of the year 2018, Best Campus Journalist of the year 2019, Campus Reporter of the year NANCE Award to mention but a few. His main achievement on campus however, is his work which led to the reconstruction of Tony Elumelu bridge for persons with disabilities on campus.

(2) Yusuf Hassan Wada

It’s neither an exaggeration nor an understatement that he is among the best media writers UDUS can proudly call her own. He is a graduate in Pharmaceutical Science and was born and raised in Katsina State.

Hassan Yusuf Wada is a handsome young man who has served different associations while on campus. He has written many works that has been published both on local and National Newspapers.

He served as the Principal Editor of Pen Press UDUS, he was once the Public Relation Officer of Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS-National Body), Speaker, Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS), Executive Member/Regional Media and Publications Committeee (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation – IPSF) World Pharmaceutical Students Association.

He has bagged different merit awards ranging from the Best Graduating Campus Journalist – Pen Press, National Association of Campus Journalists (Sept. 2019), to Award of Excellence – Graduating Class of 2019, UDUS. Oct. 2019 to mention but a few. The works of this writer in the field of Pharmacy has had tremendous impact to the Nation.

(1) Ibrahim Olarotimi

An indefatigable Campus Journalist, a unique reporter, an investigative Journalist who  invested most of his time in Journalism while on Campus. A graduate in English who hails from Oyo state.

Ibrahim Olarotimi is a multi-award winning journalist whose reports have made tremendous impacts on campus and Nigeria at large.

He has held the positions Of the Campus Deputy Editor At News Digest, UDUS, 2015 – 2017, Ass. Secretary, NACJ, UDUS, 2015-2016, Secretary General, NACJ, UDUS, 2016- 2017 President, NACJ UDUS, 2017-2018 and lastly he is the present National President, NUCJ, Nigeria, 2019 till date.

He has bagged many awards on Campus which are: Essayist of the year, Youth Digest Campus Journalism Awards; Editor of the year, Youth Digest Campus Journalism Awards, YouthHub Africa Child Rights Media Advocacy Fellowship, International Centre for Investigative Reporting Grant Award for Investigation, Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism: Grant Award for Investigation.

His immense effort in elevating News Digest Board and  in reforming Campus Jounalism in UDUS are what has made him the Pen Press UDUS’ 2019 most influential graduate of the year.

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