Abdurrahman Abdulhakeem writes,
The conditions of the rural inhabitants of Zamfara state is dwindling due to the absence of peace, health facilities, and farming tools for agricultural developments. Besides Nigeria’s insecurity, rural areas of Zamfara state are exposed to many unreported problems which is why many have started crying out for help and even seek another way out of the rural areas leaving the communities to seek for refuge in another place.
One old man in Zamfara rural community explained that the extant of bandits remains a huge disaster even to the economic status of Zamfara state, this is because the bandits keep taking away their cattle which they use to rig their farmland for the needed productivity.
Average residents however express ingratitude, soliciting the government to do the needful in term of the provision of adequate material which can rescue them from subsequent hunger. Lawale is a merchant who is also a farmer, he made it known that all the farm products which he harvested was sold in return for money to pay ransoms to bandits who kidnapped his son- but at least, he is thankful that, after all, they didn’t kill him.
Besides individual interviews, a vast number of people of the most affected areas keep lamenting that government ordered closure of markets and networks and neither provide alternatives to food distribution nor do they consider their habitation, and this as a result has kept exposing their properties to theft even among themselves.
This is consequently making many a lot to vacate rural areas to urban areas. They, in the process, keep manifesting that the government does not assure them safety despite the closures that last for months within which they expected peace and security, but still, they still can’t sleep peacefully nor are they capable of providing their own security to lives and properties,
A student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto reiterated that the insecurities within the rural area has led to the relocation of his parents entirely from Zamfara state to another state. An engagement in discussion with a Secondary School student of Zamfara revealed that when his mates in Sokoto are graduating from secondary School, he exactly will just be starting his SSS 2, and that is solely due to the insecurity and slower response of the government to issues affecting the education of the state.
He also made it known that most of their teachers who are from different angles of the country have returned to their various places to assure the safety of their treasured lives.
In conclusion, Zamfara state’s rural environs are becoming unbearable for the occupants therein lately, so it’s on this note that the government are pleadingly urged into look into these gross issues and do the needful to not only restore the lost peace of the state but also to prevent its rural communities from being completely evacuated.

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